Monday, 23 June 2014

Another Lenco and Even A Better HiFi Blog

A well known hifi blogger/sifu by the call name of Sting, have just came out of hybernation.... and his first come back write up is on his Sting's New PTP5.....

Enjoy the read about his experience in Peter's Top Plate.

Picture courtesy of his blog.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Aizat Legasi EP: Review

As per my previous entry on how beautiful this Limited Edition EP on LP is. But how about the content?

There are 5 tracks on this EP which includes 4 tracks of collaboration with 4 other Malaysian born artists.... each with their own uniqeness... Zee Avi, Azlan (of The Typewriters), Noh (of Hujan) and Yuna.

Track 1: Baru - Aizat's own solo track. Modern music with a little touch of electronic beat.

Track 2: Dwihati  (with Yuna) - Although the song was composed by Aizat, Anas and Noh. is a typical Yuna's slow and boring genre. No element of Aizat's stronger character.

Track 3: We'll Be Happy  (with Zee Avi) - the best track on this EP. A very good collaboration with the Miri lass. Relaxing music with sweet lullaby lyrics. Its like one of those tracks usually sung by the 'should-be-American couple' zooey deschanel and joseph gordon-levitt. The EP's killer song.

Track 4: In Love With You (with Noh) - Another good track from Aizat and Noh. Maintaining Noh's (or Hujan's) musical influence with a fun touch of 60's rock and roll. reminds me of the Indonesian band The Chungcutters.

Track 5: Catwalk ke Balai (with Azlan) - unique and modern fast beat.  With Azlan's powerful  vocals, its quite a psychedelic mix when Aizat 'speaks' rather than sing throughout thee track.

Quality of music and arrangement: 3.5 out of 5

Recording Quality (MP3): The supplied MP3 files were in 44.1 kHz 160kbps bitrate ... quite an odd choice as usually its at either 128 or 256 kbps. Nevertheless, playing it through iTunes via MF M6 DAC, the quality is acceptable and quite good. 4 out 5.

Pressing quality (LP): A very mixed feeling I am having. Comparing it to the MP3 files, its definitely provides a better resolution and listening ambience. However, on my favourite track (with Zee Avi), it sounded harsh on L78. But on CA Concept, all tracks run very fluid and I really like the weight and musical body presentation by the pressing quality. Not the best but for a first timer producing music on LP, its moderate quality I would say. 3 out of 5.

Overall: I wish more local artist would follow Aizat's effort here to give the listeners the option of LP and MP3 files.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Local LP: Limited Edition of Aizat Legasi Album

Salute to Aizat for this limited edition LP pressing of his new album... professionally done... superb artwork...
Very happy to get the 3rd LP out of the 222 pieces.
I hope the pressing is as good as the packaging....

Sunday, 1 June 2014

PMC twenty™ C: A Centre of Attraction

After 2 weeks of enjoying the 21s, I realised that my Infinity Primus Centre speaker is not cut out to cope with PMC 21s, let alone if I were to go for a bigger 23s. So, without wasting anymore time, I contacted James Tan of AV Designs again for a matching C  in black piano gloss. Went to pick it up at Rohas Perkasa and I unveil it myself at home.


Beautifully packaged in a sealed white cloth... The unit is moderately sized at 172 mm x 520 mm x 305 mm (H x W x D) and add another 6 mm for the magnetic grille and 40 mm for the terminals.

It weighs about 9.5 kgs so make sure you have a sturdy stand or a solid rack to place it below the TV.

The black piano finish is very sleek and sexy.... compliments the 21s I have on loan. Highest level of WAF, so no worries of upsetting the Mrs with the dark black colour.

It comes with 2 pairs of speaker terminals in case one would want to bi-amp the centre channel.

Unboxing the centre, I found the warranty card and product info card that shows this unit was hand  built in February 2013. Although it has been a year, it still carries the 20 years warranty just like the other twenty series (have to register online!!!)


The drive units are similar to the 21s and 23s, hence it should match easily the 21s that I still have on loan. Not really sure why for centre channel, PMC have designed it with a 6 ohm impedance instead of 8 ohm like the other speakers in the twenty series.

Crossover Frequency:

Drive Units:
LF PMC twenty series, lightweight doped

5.5”/140mm cone with cast alloy chassis, HF

PMC/SEAS®, 27mm twenty series, SONOLEX™

Soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled

Effective ATL™ Length:
1.8m 5.9ft
Frequency Response:
45Hz – 25kHz
6 Ohm

90dB 1w 1m


After the YPAO calibration, first to go in was Andrea Bocelli's Live at Tuscany concert on 5.1 channel. 

Fresh out of the box, the C immediately caught my attention with wide spread sound staging compared to the Primus. Again, I do not know ho PMC does it but I am sure it was the ATL that is again doing a fantastic job. I didn't really push the volume knob to high level given that it still needs running in. Nevertheless, its already blending in nicely and coherently with the 21s.

Andrea's vocals had more bass to it from the usual kinda flat through my Primus. It was not overshadowed by the bass from the 21s which makes the whole concert more enjoyable than usual.


As opposed to front channel speakers, I cannot leave something on repeat to burn in the C. So had no choice but to keep on watching movies (don't know why I am complaining about this :) ). First on test was using Night at the Museum 2.

The C had no problem at all to deliver a crystal clear dialogue from Hank Azaria's lisping character. Not to make fun of people that suffer lisping, but without the proper presentation of this, the character would have not have similar impact.

Up next was Scorpions MTV Unplugged concert.

Now, this was a very enjoyable session as Klaus Meine's vocals was mesmerising coming out from the C. It was full of energy and again, it matches well with the 21 fronts. The C and 21s compliments each other nicely that you feel that the sound staging is representing the venue of which the concert was held in Greece.

On Wind of Change, Klaus's vocals was so emotional that it brought back memories from my school days when Scorpions was one of the bands that worship.

Regardless where I sit in my living room, the C will reach me with such dispersion that I cannot pinpoint and say, thats where the dialogue is coming from. My previous Primus was as if working on its own isolated platform, detaching itself from my previous Mission front speakers.


There is not much of other aspects that one need to review or demo when it comes to centre channel. Several other movies that I tested the speakers with includes the super noisy Transformers, LOTR, Harry Potter and Adele's concert in Albert Hall. All of them, the twenty C just smile and deliver crystal clear dialogue even though at low-ish volume of -30dB on my Yamaha AV receiver for late night movies.

If I was to sum up this speaker in 3 words, it would be: Clarity, Emotional, Spacious.

This centre channel is definitely a keeper. It might just be one of the most important purchase for my home theatre revamping this year.

The twenty.C can be purchased and demo-ed at AV Designs, Bangunan Rohas Perkasa.

The C is retailed at RM8,600 per unit. For demo, please contact James Tan on 016-3280237 or Tony Low on 012-2330771.