My 2015 Hi Fi and Home Theater Set Up

2 Channel Hi Fi Set Up

  • Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amplifier driving woofers
  • Musical Fidelity M1 PWR power amp driving tweeters
  • Musical Fidelity M6 DAC
  • Musical Fidelity M1 CDT
  • Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL phono stage
  • Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC universal media player/streamer
  • Bryston BHA-1 Headphone amp and Alessandro Grado MS Pro headphone
  • SONY MDS JA20ES minidisk player
  • Onkyo Cassette Deck
  • ClearAudio Concept TT
  • GL78 Lenco TT
  • Apple TV
  • Dell Windows Laptop with Samsung UA55HU8000 TV
  • Belkin PF50
  • Full Siltech Classic Anniversary 330L cable, IC, power cable, digital cable
  • Shunyata Dark Field cable elevators


Home Theater Set Up

  • Yamaha RXV 2067 AV receiver
  • PMC twenty 23 front speaker
  • PMC twenty Centre
  • Wharfedale Dipole rear speakers
  • SVS NSD12 subwoofer
  • Oppo 95EU BD player
  • SONY CDP XB930E CD player
  • Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier/DAC
  • Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla headphones
  • Apple TV
  • ASTRO B.Yond PVR
  • Marantz DV4000 DVD player
  • Samsung UA65HU9000 65" UHD Curve TV
  • Darbee Darblet DVP5000

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