Sunday, 21 February 2016

Diana Krall - Wallflower World Tour

Diana Krall... a name that is synonym to great jazzy music and unique rendition of famous songs like Fly Me To The Moon and S'Wonderful was recently in Kuala Lumpur to do a one night only performance in PETRONAS MPO in KLCC. Mrs and yours trulty were there on 15th Feb and it was indeed a night to remember. Diana performed a straight 2 hours set with a short encore goodbye at the 90th minute. Most of the songs were from the latest Wallflower album but some were from her non album tracks. A six piece band consist of herself on piano and vocals, Anthony Wilson on guitar, Dennid Crouch on bass, Karriem Riggins on drums, Kevin Warren on keyboard and Stuart Duncan on fiddle. Yes, a fiddle. Not violin. Fiddle. 

The fiddle injected a very country-ish sound to the set and made it all lively. The whole show was so intimate as the unique connection between the band mates was so evident that the emotion was transpired across the audience.

The only thing that spoiled my night was those inconsiderate people whom insist to record video or snap pictures while performing which invited those green laser pointer lights around my seat.

One of the best jazz concert that I have been too. Great music, great hall, great companion.

No hifi set up can match this level of concert experience.