Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Take Out The Cotton Bud... My Ears Are About to Bleed

..... Due to this masterpiece...my ears may not be used to this sensational sound...

Just received the loan unit from the only authorised dealer in Malaysia for Audez'e headphones... David & Associates ...

This unit of LCD2 was personally delivered by Mr. Aaron this evening...

Feast your eyes on these pictures while I audition them...

Review soon...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Genre Influences

What makes you listen to certain type of musical genre?

Here  is the list that has shaped my listening interest:

1. Rock - Wings
2. Metal - Metallica, DIO
3. Religious - The Dzikr, OVA productions
4. Death Metal - Silent Death
5. Hardcore - RATM
6. Oldies - Beatles, Frank Sinatra
7. Latin - Gypsy Kings
8. Vocals - Andrea Bocelli
9. Industrial - Infectious Maggots
10. Indie - OAG
11. Grunge - Nirvana, Pearl jam
12. American Punk - Bad Religion, NOFX
13. Brit Punk - Sex Pistol, The Clash
14. Ska - A.C.A.B
15. Jazz - Ella Fitzgerald

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Cleaning Gift

Referring to the post a few weeks back regarding a gift I received from a dear friend and mentor... I have unveiled it this morning after a session of the RM12 The Fugees LP... Which have a little bit of crackle sound... So the gift is actually the Amari RW-200 record cleaning machine.

Feast your eyes on these pictures while I go try it out.

And the conclusion???

Superb...excellent...I should have bought an RCM many moons ago....

A little bit about the unit.


Heavy and very sturdy. Weighs about 11 KG... as heavy as decent hifi kit.

It came with a solid power cable too but unfortunately...it came with a european plug so had to use an adaptor.

The on and off switches for the rotating platter and vacuum is very industrial and solid. kind of old school.

The clamp is also heavy and solid with a brass 'lock' in it. This is actually one feature that I think needs to be improved.

This brass slot locks into the platter pin by means of friction ie: there is no thread to screw this clamp onto the pin. You still needs to turn it counter clock wise while pushing it in. And after about 6 sides LP wash, the pin became hot and might have expanded a bit. It was then almost impossible to push this clamp in for my 7th wash.

And also I have a concern that this brass part will wear out which will then make the clamp loose.

The bottom of the clamp has a rubber lip which is quite effective in keeping the fluid out from the LP middle label while you are cleaning.

The outlet rubber hose comes with a clip to avoid the fluid dripping while you clean. You just need to unclip it after you are done and drain away the dirty fluid. 

The vacuum arm is made of plastic and easily detachable from the unit together with the spring.


The motor that spins the platter is sooo quiet... And it is quite flat based on the flat-o-meter I use.

The vacuum on the other hand is as loud as the house vacuum cleaner. Really noisy it is. But it works like a charm. The LP is really dry and the clamp works well too in keeping out the fluid away from the middle label.

The cleaning is straight forward...:
1. Place the LP on the platter
2. Clamp it
3. Turn it on and let it spin.
4. Brush it gently to remove and dirt
5. Spray or apply the cleaning fluid onto the LP. (I use a spray bottle)
6. Maintain the brush perpendicular to the LP spinning
7. Turn the vacuum arm counter clockwise onto the LP and turn it on.
8. Let the vacuum suck out all the fluid from the LP.
9. Turn the unit off and inspect the LP to make sure it is as dry as possible.


I cleaned 2 old LPs from the 60s and 70s I think...the hit Hindi movie Bobby OST and The Sound of Music OST.

Prior to the clean, both LPs were very noisy to listen to with lots of crackle. The Sound of Music is even worst as the sound level produced is very low when played.

But after cleaning, less cracking sound can be heard and the the Sound of Music sounded louder like any other LP.

I find that for an old and very dirty LP....it will need more than 1 wash. Both LPs...I washed it twice and after the second wash gives me even better results.

And this is the fluid that came out of it.... and this is from 2 LPs that I actually already manually cleaned it before.


Definitely a must have for those with vast collection of LP. I think this unit is retailing at about RM1300. I still think its worth the money...Lucky for me that I received this as a gift.


The unit can actually be purchased from Synthesis HiFi in Amcorp Mall. Contact Simon Liew below.

Monday, 8 July 2013

KLIAV Show 2013 3rd Day 7th July

So....I didnt get to go on the 6th due to family commitment....However, I managed to get to the show in the last few hours on Sunday.

Main reasons to go back:

1. Re-demo Beyer's T1 before I decide between T1 and Audeze LCD2
2. Re-visit Bryston home cinema set up
3. Re-visit Maxx Audio home cinema set up
4. LP hunting again
5. Meet up with the usual lots from CMY, LTB, AV Designs, Jo Ki and also to meet new distributor faces form hifi4sale...mainly from the Conceptz Store and TEAC distributor from SIngapore.

SVS by Maxx Audio
First was Maxx's room with his full SVS set up. I still particularly like the subtle but gutsy subwoofer but my target is to set up the projector and screen first. Still, this to me was the best midrange home cinema set up. Eventhough it was a smaller room, Max brothers have managed to get that sweet spot to deliver an outstanding sound reproduction.

Bryston and JVC by AV Designs
Now, the excitement from the first listening session on Friday was not enough. I really need to experience the whole home cinema she-bang for a longer period and also with proper high quaity demo disc. So, I have to make a point to have James show me what this whole set up can really do.

Annnnddd show me he did.....It was relatively effortless for the Bryston speakers to deliver complex sound  with such detail and crispiness....with the right amount of low end reproduction. Have a look and listen at these 2 samples. The drums video.. I can even hear the wires beneath the snare vibrates and also the kick drums sounded really controlled and sharp. The dispersion of high freq notes from the ride and crash cymbals was very precise and detail plus it did not produce an ear hurting high pitch noise.

Now, I really would want to make my dream of having a projector and screen set up a reality...but the Bryston speakers just keep on calling me to test them with my MF set up. Will it replace my ProAc D18? Maybe yes...maybe no...

Beyer's T1 headphones by CMY

I would still want to fully test a balanced headphone but apart from The Abyss, both the Audeze and T1 on demo were with a 6.3 mm jack. So I tested the T1 with Audiolab MDAC with iPhone as a source, docked into Audiolab dock. I just needed 10 seconds listening through these cans and convinced that this unit might win my ears over the Audeze LCD2. Its also more comfortable compared to the Audeze and easire to maintain as it comes with fabric cushion as oppose to lamb skin leather on thr Audeze. However, have to wait for CMY to provide the price for a fully balanced unit.

LP Hunting

This was the best bargain of the show. I managed to get The Fugess LP for RM12....yes you read that right... RM12.... I also managed to get Sheena Easton...

And I am very happy to have met face to face Cheah Mun Kit... friendly, resourceful, humble. Thank you for the High Def CD.


It was a very fun event...although I did not manage to get the kit that I want this year, but got the chance to meet up with old faces and also make new friends. It was indeed on of the best shows that I have attended. Salute Mr. Dick Tan and his team for an excellent work.

Enjoy the following clips:

Saturday, 6 July 2013

KLIAV Show 2013: 1st Day 5th July

It was an agony to wait till 2 pm before I can get off work and head towards JW Marriot for the show. I dont know why but I had afeeling that this year's show will have something different and also more exciting.

I actually do have a few purchase objective this year as compared to last year. Mainly:

1. 65" TV
2. Audeze LCD-2 Headphone
3. Blu Ray and LPs

The usual shops when you enter the show are Desa Home Theatre, PCOM, Asia Sound etc...

Unfortunate for me...65" TV are still in 5 figure values...which my mind constantly think that at that price....I might as well go for projector and screen set up...

Asia Sound
Went in to see Rega.....Elicit M caught my eye. 

Jo Ki
Then I went up to 8th floor...and the first room I went to was our local resident guru...Jo Ki...

As usual...this set up amazes me.... small speakers with big sound...

Musical Fidelity by LTB
Next door...to Jo Ki was LTB Enterprise...Apparently...I am known as Musical Fidelity technical expert in this room hahahahah. Wonder wherre I get this reputation from....NO guru I am.....just my ears are tuned towards the MF sound signature..

Just FYI...LTB have been around for 21 years in Malaysia...

Tony have 2 simple set ups:

All the M1 series are shown here except for M1-HPAP.

On active display are the M1 SDAC (DAC pre amp) into M1 PWR power amp, driving a pair of Boston speakers, with the M1 CDT as source.

The M1 CLiC network player is hooked up into the second system.

On static display are the M1 DAC, M1 ViNL phono stage.

The second set up comprises of M6 series.

All active set up....with M6 CD player feeding into the M6 DAC....into the M6i integrated amp driving a pair of Dynaudio.... and also the M1 CLiC is connected to the M6i as well...

Visitors are entertained by the witty Tony, his daughter and Shamir.

For a simple set up, the M6 sounds pretty darn good..

Annnnddd lots of items are on bundle and special price...I KID YOU NOT... some are even cheaper than when I bought them..

TAD and Bryston by AV Designs

I must say....this is the best set up for me...monstrous set up for full Bryston system....

James and Low spared no expense to have this set up in the show....

And the Model T speakers....have shown its full potential given the bigger room compared to when I demoed it in the show room.

And I have my eyes on the Mini T and Middle T....

Both home cinema and 2 channel hifi duties....the Model T package surpass all my expectation... The soundstage and depth presented by these speakers really move my soul... People unexpectedly thought these wre other speaker brand...and have high praises on this set up.


The full list for the Bryston set up is Starhill 6 as follows:

•          JVC DLA-RS46                                   

•          Panamorph CineVista lens

•          JVC DLA-RS48   

•          Panamorph UH480EC lens

•          Screen Research 140” wide TheatreCurve CineScope 2.40 format acoustically transparent screen

•          Oppo BDP-105 Blu-ray players

•          Bryston SP3 pre-amp / processor

•          Bryston BP17 pre-amp

•          Bryston BDP-2 media player

•          Bryston BDA-2 external DAC

•          Bryston 28B SST2 power amp

•          Bryston 4B SST2 power amp

•          Bryston 3B SST2 power amp

•          Bryston Model T Signature speakers

•          Bryston T-PX-1 crossovers

•          Bryston TC1 centre speaker

•          Bryston Mini T speakers

•          Bryston TSUB sub-woofers

•          Bryston BIT 16 INTL power conditioner

•          AudiophileBase StarBase Framework and platforms

•          Finite Elemente racks

•          All cabling (except HDMI and some power cords) from WyWires.

Aint that IMPRESSIVE???

And for the TAD system in Starhill 5:

1. D600 Disc Player

2. C2000 Pre-amp

3. M2500 Power amp

4. CR1 MK II speakers

5. Bryston BIT 16 INTL power conditioner

6. All cables from WyWires

7. AudiophileBase QuattraBase Framework c/w Base and StrataBase platforms

SVS by Maxx Audio

I am not really familiar with SVS....read a lot about it...but this is the first time I get to listen to their 5.1 channel set up with full SVS speaker package and sub.... Maaaannnn it was really good..even it was palced in a small room. I am particularly interested in the subwoofer on the right...

Max was entertaining as usual...I might need him to come to my house again....and really set up the projector and screen.


For this room....I must grant the owner to be the most informative exhibitor.

Very friendly and just explained to me that Nagra philosophy is not to keep on producing new kit...but just take the existing ones and tune it to improve the sound. Apparently, Nagra is the oldest hifi company in the world? 

The black speakers were driven by fully tubed pre amp and monoblocks. Sound was actually very warm and neutral. I LIKE.


CMY have 4 show rooms on this level and one main room on Level 4. 

The set ups at this level were Dynaudio/Jeff Rowland, Audiolab/Mission, Naim/ProAc....and... I forgot the other one.

On level 4, they have static display of various products plus headphones....and also this is where the have bargains on certain kit and also LPs.

Focal Utopia

One of the more grander 2 channel set up. I guess this was one of the room that have very high expectation especially it kicked off with a full official press conference and speeches... which me and a few other hifi friends from Analogue Fellowship accidently crashed in the press conference... Sorry Mr. Dick Tan...really didnt realize that there was a press conference.

Nevertheless...I had a chance to listen to this set up later. And it was a grand scale of things... driven by a full Mcintosh set up.

LP and Blu Ray Bargains

I managed to get 2 of The Mamas and the Papas for RM 85... and Blu Ray is on 2 for RM100 sale... I bought 8 titles...

On LPs.....NOTE: Know your price out there....to ensure you get the best bargain here...

My Cravings....contemplating ...Should I go For it????

Audeze LCD2

Dared DAB retro radio... YES... Malaysia have DAB....

Crazy Stuff That You Must Try

Claimed to be the most expensive headphone in the world... The Abyss...RM15,000... Available at Jaben room.


Teh Tarik, Keuy Teow Goreng, Rojak Buah and sate with HiFi4sale member and my best friend from college...and also meet up with the Analogue Fellowship big boys.