Tuesday, 29 January 2019

PRO AUDIO TECHNOLOGY - All Kind of Rumbles

Home Theater scene has quite a big following in Malaysia. Based on the activeness of some FB groups, a lot of enthusiasts seems to be very contented with their set up. Names like Yamaha, Pioneer and Denon are the common and mostly used  by them. In the recent years, names like SVS and Rhythmik Audio have been popping around to dominate the subwoofer market.... and I thought I have listened to them all. Indeed I was wrong when today, James Tan of AV Designs  showcased me with 2 subs and its DSP module  from Pro Audio Technology.

I spent about 2 hours there where went through a number of movies and concert scenes which includes John Wick 2 shooting scene in the club,  War of the World alien arrival scene and also U2 concert.

First of all, AV Designs currently have on demo 2 sub models, the LFC-10sm and LFC-14sm, controlled by the PMA DSP module. They are still fine tuning the complete set up in the main HT room with the PMC fronts but I demoed the one in the smaller room with the Bryston fronts.

A little on the specs:


  • Extreme long throw, 10 inch driver
  • Compact enclosure but not an ordinary design. It reminds me of a car sub for ICE, placed in the boot.
  • DSP optimized performance 
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • 1000 W power handling
  • 22Hz - 80 Hz FR
  • Weighs 57 lbs
  • 15 inch driver
  • Ultra compact enclosure 16 x 16 x 12 inches
  • Weighs 49 lbs
  • 1000 W power handling
  • 22Hz - 80 Hz
  • 90 dB sensitivity
NOTE: Both models require to be matched with the PMA DSP module

PMA DSP Processor
  • Installer Prommable DSP Processing for all PRO loudspeakers
  • Software Selectable Input Routing for All Channels Plus Looping Outputs
  • Selectable Acoustic CompensationFilters
  • Configurable Amplifier Channel Powers - 200W, 450W and 1000W
  • Up to 4 channels and 4000W

How Did They Perform?

James have already done all the set up when I arrived. The subs were already callibrated through the PMA processor. First up was John Wick 2 scene. The shooting scene was delivered with such an impactful effect by the subs. The LFC10 was set up at the front of the room while the LFC14 was at the back. Thesub delivered the low extension in a very directional way. The long throw design of the LFC10 gave me a quite a rumble from where I sat. It truly described and delivered the bullet that was shot from side to side or front to back. Its very obvious in the directional feel of the low frequency delivered from the sub. While I prefer a more room filling bass, this directional effect seems to give a more realistic delivery of a shooting scene. First thumbs up.

Up next was the War of The Worlds. Not the best PQ on BD but the audio is superb to test these subs. This is where, both subs gave me a different perspective. The lightning scene and when the robots came out of the ground on the streets, gave me both experience of directional and also room filling effect. The rumbling of the streets cracking open can be felt across the floorboard while the laser shot by the robots were still directional.

So, we all know that movie soundtrack are mixed differently and majority are properly mixed. Now, how does this sub fair playing an old U2 Rattle and Hum concert? Well, it did quite well, kicking out the bass where its appropriate. Not really thud thumping like for the movies but it did blend well into the music.

One distinct character that I like about these subs is that it is dead silence when it should be. The lightning scene in War of The Worlds, the whole room went completely silent once the lightning stop (the scene in the backyard where the clothes on the line stopped swaying)

The Verdict

These subs set up is one serious gear for the HT enthusiasts. Its not really a looker  and may need your Home Minister's blessing but if you have dedicated HT room, these subs can really rock you. Its versatile nature to cope with different bass demands will provide you with a very effective impact. It further delivers the ambient of the scene you are watching.

Do visit AV Designs to experience it yourself.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Accuphase E370 Integrated Amplifier Review – Honest to the Music

Happy New Year to all readers. I am kicking off this year by accepting an offer to write for a Toronto based hifi review poratl and magazine NOVO High End. My first article have just been published on this Accuphase E370 INtegrated amplifier, courtery of HiFi Creations Trading.

You can read my review here - Accuphase E370 Integrated amp review

If anyone is interested to audition this unit, please contact Victor Pheh at 0122962799

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