Friday, 17 April 2015

Loving Your Electric Supply?

Another local hifi gem will soon be reviewed. Frank's latest electric wonder will be installed for a review soon.

Stay tune.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Malaysian LP - Did It Ever Die?

Maybe it is just me... But I think a lot of the LP lovers in Malaysia felt that LP was dead in the local music scene ever since the mass introduction of CD in late 80s or early 90s. I too believe that until recently I found out that apparently only main stream music seems to moved into the CD era.
The so called underground scene in Malaysia continued to adopt the LP and cassette medium to share their musical masterpiece.

I have just received a limited edition LP of a local underground band called Silkhannaz... This was among the most influential metal bands in the scene alongside Silent Death, Brain Dead, Nebiras among others. I started to listen to them in my teen years which was early 90s... Where the 'hot' thing to do back then was to share demo tapes between friends.... Yes because we aint got the money to buy brand new cassettes... 

After high school, I worked as a part time cashier in Jaya Jusco and this album Conception of Madness was the first item I purchased with my first pay. It was about RM8 for a cassette back then ...about USD 2.... However, a few years later... i had to sell most of my cassette collection to have some extra pocket money to start my university life in the UK. And that was a big mistake as it is so so difficult to find these albums anymore nowadays... Even if you can find one, you will be paying through your nose as these cassettes are sometime sold at RM100 (USD 30)...

So, when I saw this this LP being sold online...I quickly grabbed it after a quick discussion with the ex-drummer of this band Lan Bye (now with Brain Dead).. This LP was actually released in 2014 (yes...I missed out on it)... And it was sold at RM75 (USD25)... Now... Lets just say... Its more than double the price...

To my surprise... Its in Near Mint condition... Played flawlessly... Not a single scratch...

But that was just an added bonus... To its superior quality in sound... The remastering and pressing was done in a very high quality standard.... even the thick glossy sleeve and poster are very well designed and produced. The LP itself, though was not stated, felt thick enough to pass as an 180 gram LP.

The speed of the double pedal bass and snare hits were very evident and punchy. The growling vocals was deep and alive while the shredding solo guitar was just beautifully presented. Not a single detail was left out.

Speaking to Lan Bye, LP never went dead back in early 90s/late 80s. He mentioned that the underground scene continued to release their albums on vinyl. Brain Dead for example, released the following:

1) Live Demo 1991 (live recording of demo songs) 2) From The Ecstasy 1992 (album)

I have also heard that the punk bands also continued releasing the piece on LP mainly Carburetor Dung, The Bollocks, The Splatters, ACAB etc... but I have yet to get confirmation.

So, I guess LP never really went dead in Malaysia... but its more like LP took a stand to be more subtle and shied away from the mainstream music locally.

I wish I can get my hands on all the LPs from the local underground scene....

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tower Records - Still Alive and Kicking

One of my favourite music store.... locally or globally.... before the era of Rock Corner, Speedy and EZ Video.... maybe as old of Victoria Music....

May it be here.... Singapore, UK or US... Tower Records is the one shop I would always go to regardless which country I visit. Only when there is no TR, I would go to HMV or Virgin.

If I can remember correctly, I have been in TR KL, Singapore, London, Chicago and Paris...  I may be wrong about Paris but my memory told me that I did go to one in Paris.

As old LP gems especially for music from 70s and 80s are precious in Malaysia, very seldom I find LP  fans whom are willing to share where they get their hands on these gems especially the ones in VG or NM conditions at a reasonable price (RM 50 to RM80 or about USD15 to 25)

Its either they want to ensure only them can get their hands on these gems....for personal collection... or they are online LP resellers whom will buy and then mark up the price double, tripple than the purchase price.

Well...I might be hated for this to reveal one of the good 'LP lubuk'... but Tower Records in Malaysia is still alive and kicking .... and the 3 times I have visited this shop in Gardens Mall, they will always have something in store for me...

The above are the latest acquisition. Was not in plan....but just was in Gardens and popped into the shop.

Last year, Stevie, also managed to find me one of the French gem that even when I was in Paris in 2013, I could not find one... Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet....

So, there you go.... if you are looking for old LPs, in a guaranteed VG or NM reasonable price.... do visit Tower Records. They have new ones too but limited.

Disclaimer: I do not have any commercial interest in the shop, just a fool sharing the passion for music.