Mazda 5 2012 Review

Collected this car on Thursday 6th Dec 2012.


Hello all,

Have clocked 650 km on this Mazda 5 since I received the car on  6th Dec. Mix driving in the city and highways. And here are my findings from the first 600 km of driving. Comparison is made with the previous ride which was a Camry 2.0G year 2011.


This is my first time purchasing a Mazda vehicle so I did not what to expect.  My experience being in a Mazda prior to the purchase is basically the 15 minutes test drive I did. But with the unit being CBU, I do have certain confident that it will be a good car. Sorry, but so far I have good experience with CBU cars as oppose to CKD except for the Mercedes I purchased last year.
I did give a bit of a pressure to the SA in Hasrat Menang TTDI branch to ensure I don’t get a lemon car. In fact, I dealt with the MD himself. Young but very humble and helpful  and professional  guy in which I believe that’s how all SAs  should be. Anyhow,  I am very pleased with the built of this MPV.  The exterior, together with the Tribos treatment was definitely a very well designed body. No issues what so ever with headlights and the light sensor, retractable side mirrors, rain sensor, wipers, electric sliding doors and the sunroof.

No squeaky sounds from door hinges and the motor on the retractable side mirrors were not so loud in operation as well.
Interiors wise, I particularly like the layout of the meters and multiple display unit. Eventhough everything is plastic but it did feel like a high quality plastic was used which suits the RM160K price bracket. It did not feel cheap.

The leather that was installed for this MPV was done up really good. Fine stitches were used hence you don’t see untidy stitches around the edges. The quality of leather is also acceptable for the price. Soft and slightly perforated. Together with the Windshield tinting done, the seat does not feel that hot when the car is left under the sun. However, the design of the front seats is a little bit unusual and at times, makes it uncomfortable. I feel the length of the back rest section and the seating section is not proportioned properly ie: the back seat is too high compared to the seating section. And the design of the backrest itself positions the headrest way too backwards. Even if I do not recline the backrest ie the seat is straight, I still cannot rest my head on the head rest unless I really lean my head backwards. Long distance journey can be a bit tiring if there is no support for the head. At least I am tall enough to lean my head. But my wife cant even reach the head rest even though it is positioned at the lowest point. :(

I love the feeling of the steering and having telescopic function allows me to adjust the position exactly as I want it to be.

I am facing two disappointments though. The centre 7th seat of the kirakuri design, is loose in a sense that when it is locked in seating position, once you lean back, the right side of it will be pushed back further. As the latch is only on one side (left), once we lean on it, the right side of the seat will be pushed back further. I have complained this to Mazda and they ask me to return the car to get the seat tightened.  It may got loose when they were installing the leather. Most probably will send in the car on 26th Dec after Xmas.
The second is the Auto power window for the driver seat. If I am not mistaken, the window should be able to wind down and up with just one push on the button similar to Camry. But it did not work. I have to keep on pushing the button to wind the screen down fully.

Fuel consumption

I fill up the tank full about RM115 for RON 95. Immediately the ‘Range meter’ shows I will have 650 km. As oppose to Camry with the same 2.0 engine and 70 litres fuel tank, it will only show 570 km. However, with similar driving patterns as Camry, the first full tank, I managed to get about 600 km. Mixture of city and highway driving with average speed of 90 to 120 km/hr. Hence, I get about:

1. 10 km/L or
2. 5.2 km/RM
3. 0.19 RM/km

Comparing to Camry:
1. Camry Full tank = RM 1.90 x 70 litre = RM 133 and can only get 570 km.
a.FC - 0.23 RM/km or 4.3 km/RM.

Pick up surprisingly good for an MPV. Mazda 5 2.0 engine eventhough on paper having less horsepower compared to Camry, I can easily overtake at a higher pick up in the Mazda 5. The manual gear function also helps a lot especially climbing Bangsar hill.


This is one of the main reason why I chose Mazda over Peugeot 5008. The air cond is really powerful, blower wise and temperature wise. Typical Japanese car. It gets really cold similar to Camry. The front blower at maximum can be a bit noisy. But so far I just need to set it Level 2 and its cold enough. The rear air cond is cold as well and I am surprised the front air cond is not affected at all by the rear air cond. Again, the Hi level for the rear air cond is also a bit loud.

Audio system

This was another reason why I chose Mazda 5 over Peugeot 5008. Everything is provided and built in with the supplied entertainment unit. However, it does feel that it is actually a 3rd party OEM unit as oppose to ‘Mazda special design’. It feels similar to the FlyAudio unit I installed in the Camry. Although it gives me all the functions I want but it feels like its not matching unit for the car.

The sound quality however is surprisingly good compared to the FlyAudio unit in the Camry. And the picture quality on all the screens (main and the 2 on the headrest) provide crisp pictures even under sunlight.

I do have issues with the functions though. Based on the manual, the head unit supposed to be able to do the following. But I have tried over and over again, but it does not seem to work:
1.   Play video files from iPod. The function is there but when I choose video file, it goes to AV In with a blank screen. (FIXED: need to manually choose the movie from the iPod itself)
2.   Play video files from USB thumbdrive. The function is there but when I choose video file, it goes to AV In with a blank screen.
3.   Playing 2 different sources for front and rear speakers eg DVD for the rear speakers and monitor and ipod music for the front. I can run the DVD for the rear monitors and iPod music at front but only ipod music will come out from both front and rear speakers.
4.   The Papago GPS suppose to come with Junction View but so far, I don’t see that function popping out when I approach any junctions.
5.   The BT phone function does not retrieve missed, dialed, incoming call list properly from iPhone 4S and Blackberry 9930.

I am also glad I installed the rear and front cameras. Makes it easier and safer to park. The cameras are installed such that it automatic activate the rear camera one we shift the gear to Reverse and then to the front camera once we shift the gear to D. It will activate and maintain the front camera for 10 seconds before changing to the previous audio/DVD screen.

The NVH of the Mazda 5 is at par with the Camry. Wind noise, engine noise, tyre noise can be heard in the car and it is most evident on highway cruise. No vibration on what so ever so far and handling is surprisingly good for an MPV. It does not feel like you are driving an MPV. Its just like driving a sedan. Taking corners at 100 km/hr still feel safe. I dont feel any harshness at all.

Wish List

1. Boot/tonneau cover.
2. Play videos from iPod/USB
3. Auto cruise function
4. Doors auto lock function

All and all, its still a great MPV. And me and my wife believe this one is a keeper for at least 4 to 5 years. And will definitely consider Mazda 8 if there is a need to upgrade  :)

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