Saturday, 14 June 2014

Aizat Legasi EP: Review

As per my previous entry on how beautiful this Limited Edition EP on LP is. But how about the content?

There are 5 tracks on this EP which includes 4 tracks of collaboration with 4 other Malaysian born artists.... each with their own uniqeness... Zee Avi, Azlan (of The Typewriters), Noh (of Hujan) and Yuna.

Track 1: Baru - Aizat's own solo track. Modern music with a little touch of electronic beat.

Track 2: Dwihati  (with Yuna) - Although the song was composed by Aizat, Anas and Noh. is a typical Yuna's slow and boring genre. No element of Aizat's stronger character.

Track 3: We'll Be Happy  (with Zee Avi) - the best track on this EP. A very good collaboration with the Miri lass. Relaxing music with sweet lullaby lyrics. Its like one of those tracks usually sung by the 'should-be-American couple' zooey deschanel and joseph gordon-levitt. The EP's killer song.

Track 4: In Love With You (with Noh) - Another good track from Aizat and Noh. Maintaining Noh's (or Hujan's) musical influence with a fun touch of 60's rock and roll. reminds me of the Indonesian band The Chungcutters.

Track 5: Catwalk ke Balai (with Azlan) - unique and modern fast beat.  With Azlan's powerful  vocals, its quite a psychedelic mix when Aizat 'speaks' rather than sing throughout thee track.

Quality of music and arrangement: 3.5 out of 5

Recording Quality (MP3): The supplied MP3 files were in 44.1 kHz 160kbps bitrate ... quite an odd choice as usually its at either 128 or 256 kbps. Nevertheless, playing it through iTunes via MF M6 DAC, the quality is acceptable and quite good. 4 out 5.

Pressing quality (LP): A very mixed feeling I am having. Comparing it to the MP3 files, its definitely provides a better resolution and listening ambience. However, on my favourite track (with Zee Avi), it sounded harsh on L78. But on CA Concept, all tracks run very fluid and I really like the weight and musical body presentation by the pressing quality. Not the best but for a first timer producing music on LP, its moderate quality I would say. 3 out of 5.

Overall: I wish more local artist would follow Aizat's effort here to give the listeners the option of LP and MP3 files.

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