Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bryston Model T Signature Speakers - Demo

Bryston Model T Signature Speaker - Revisited

Spent about 2 hours, mesmerized by these wonderful speakers. All the clarity, highs and mids that I enjoyed a couple of weeks back were still there. But this time around, the low end was really refined but still gutsy enough to give that thumping to your heart. It was really tonally balanced regardless of what music genre you play. And we really played today. James and Tony at AV Design were excited themself but I was even more excited. Today, these speakers were driven by the pair of BP17 pre amp and the 4BSST2 power amp. Wired by of course WyWires. Source was through BDP2 and BDA2.

We threw in Dire Straits, CCR, Pink Panther theme, Metallica, Stan Getz and Gilberto, The Eagles etc....MP3, WAV, FLAC, hi res.....and the speakers just smile at us, performing its best (though cant wait to listen to them in the AV show this year in a bigger room). We played it loud today and the bass was so refined and detail and did not muffle at all. Each bassline and kick pedal was clear, solid with no sign of distortion. And it did not overshadow the clarity and crispiness of the mids and highs. It was goooddd.

The one thing that really stand out was on wind instrument. I think it was a clarinet playing. I can even hear the extend of the musician breath to play those long notes.

You guys just need to experience it yourself.

I do believe what Bryan Russel mentioned few months ago... audiophile quality at affordable price (well at least to some)

Samples of the music through these speakers:


These speakers alongside the new BDA-2 DAC, BDP-2 Digital player and BP17 Pre amp can be auditioned at AV Designs, Bangunan Rohas Perkasa. Call Tel: +603-2171 2828

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