Sunday, 16 June 2013

.... And Now Its Even Harder to Bring Back Life to Music

I posted the previous entry to inform readers that this blog will be suspended till further notice with the hope that I will be given a longer time to care for my mother.

But God loves her more. 655 am, 15th June, thats when her chest stop moving. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be beside my mother when she is to return to The Almighty.

As my late dad was the reason I got into hifi, my late mother was responsible for the nurturing of it. She bought me my first Sharp Mini Compo with Double Deck Cassette slot. And she bought me my first real 5 piece Pearl Forum Series drum set.

I remembered the first time I set up my hifi after returning from UK in my parents house. And my mum listened to her favourite track - Widuri by Broery Marantika/Bob Tutopoli... She had tears in her eyes... Tears of joy...

Mama.... I am nothing without you. I am who I am now is because of your undying love. I am missing you...

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