Monday, 8 July 2013

KLIAV Show 2013 3rd Day 7th July

So....I didnt get to go on the 6th due to family commitment....However, I managed to get to the show in the last few hours on Sunday.

Main reasons to go back:

1. Re-demo Beyer's T1 before I decide between T1 and Audeze LCD2
2. Re-visit Bryston home cinema set up
3. Re-visit Maxx Audio home cinema set up
4. LP hunting again
5. Meet up with the usual lots from CMY, LTB, AV Designs, Jo Ki and also to meet new distributor faces form hifi4sale...mainly from the Conceptz Store and TEAC distributor from SIngapore.

SVS by Maxx Audio
First was Maxx's room with his full SVS set up. I still particularly like the subtle but gutsy subwoofer but my target is to set up the projector and screen first. Still, this to me was the best midrange home cinema set up. Eventhough it was a smaller room, Max brothers have managed to get that sweet spot to deliver an outstanding sound reproduction.

Bryston and JVC by AV Designs
Now, the excitement from the first listening session on Friday was not enough. I really need to experience the whole home cinema she-bang for a longer period and also with proper high quaity demo disc. So, I have to make a point to have James show me what this whole set up can really do.

Annnnddd show me he did.....It was relatively effortless for the Bryston speakers to deliver complex sound  with such detail and crispiness....with the right amount of low end reproduction. Have a look and listen at these 2 samples. The drums video.. I can even hear the wires beneath the snare vibrates and also the kick drums sounded really controlled and sharp. The dispersion of high freq notes from the ride and crash cymbals was very precise and detail plus it did not produce an ear hurting high pitch noise.

Now, I really would want to make my dream of having a projector and screen set up a reality...but the Bryston speakers just keep on calling me to test them with my MF set up. Will it replace my ProAc D18? Maybe yes...maybe no...

Beyer's T1 headphones by CMY

I would still want to fully test a balanced headphone but apart from The Abyss, both the Audeze and T1 on demo were with a 6.3 mm jack. So I tested the T1 with Audiolab MDAC with iPhone as a source, docked into Audiolab dock. I just needed 10 seconds listening through these cans and convinced that this unit might win my ears over the Audeze LCD2. Its also more comfortable compared to the Audeze and easire to maintain as it comes with fabric cushion as oppose to lamb skin leather on thr Audeze. However, have to wait for CMY to provide the price for a fully balanced unit.

LP Hunting

This was the best bargain of the show. I managed to get The Fugess LP for RM12....yes you read that right... RM12.... I also managed to get Sheena Easton...

And I am very happy to have met face to face Cheah Mun Kit... friendly, resourceful, humble. Thank you for the High Def CD.


It was a very fun event...although I did not manage to get the kit that I want this year, but got the chance to meet up with old faces and also make new friends. It was indeed on of the best shows that I have attended. Salute Mr. Dick Tan and his team for an excellent work.

Enjoy the following clips:

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