Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tribute to Bad Religion

This is the band that is responsible for musical taste towards punk rock.... Melodious, political and depicts what is wrong with society today.

The album Recipe For Hate was the first album I listened to in 1993 on a chrome cassette specially bought from the USA.... Then I started my quest to own all their albums on CD.... come 1996... my band performed one of their songs Infected in a live gig in Piccadilly club in Damansara Jaya. At that time, eventhough the underground scene was quite active in KL, not many people actually know of Bad Religion.... The only other band in KL that was into Bad Religion is Hostile Disgrace....

..... and now come the vinyl part... Just received these yesterday... but I am still short of 2 of their albums.... Into The Unkown and No Substance.... Hopefully to get them in March. 

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