Wednesday, 22 October 2014

After A Naked DAC Comes A Naked Amp

After a series of successful USB DAC namely UD100, 110 and the latest 120,  Stoner Acoustics is currently in the middle of designing an amp. Not sure yet the direction that he is taking as the prototype amp can drive both headphones and speakers.

Yesterday he visited me to present me with this full range speaker and his prototype amp.

The speakers an be easily driven by this 5 watter amp and it can drive my Alessandro Grado MS Pro and Beyer T1 easily. In fact, I was mesmerized by it when I test it with my T1. Sounded like I was listening to my own pair of speakers.

We tested the amp briefly with my resident bigger speakers and surprisingly it was quite good. He needs to do further refinement with regards to low sensitivity speakers but I kind of like the sound signature the little amp is delivering.

All the best Stoner Acoustics. And thanks for this Deepavali gift.

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