Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tower Records - Still Alive and Kicking

One of my favourite music store.... locally or globally.... before the era of Rock Corner, Speedy and EZ Video.... maybe as old of Victoria Music....

May it be here.... Singapore, UK or US... Tower Records is the one shop I would always go to regardless which country I visit. Only when there is no TR, I would go to HMV or Virgin.

If I can remember correctly, I have been in TR KL, Singapore, London, Chicago and Paris...  I may be wrong about Paris but my memory told me that I did go to one in Paris.

As old LP gems especially for music from 70s and 80s are precious in Malaysia, very seldom I find LP  fans whom are willing to share where they get their hands on these gems especially the ones in VG or NM conditions at a reasonable price (RM 50 to RM80 or about USD15 to 25)

Its either they want to ensure only them can get their hands on these gems....for personal collection... or they are online LP resellers whom will buy and then mark up the price double, tripple than the purchase price.

Well...I might be hated for this to reveal one of the good 'LP lubuk'... but Tower Records in Malaysia is still alive and kicking .... and the 3 times I have visited this shop in Gardens Mall, they will always have something in store for me...

The above are the latest acquisition. Was not in plan....but just was in Gardens and popped into the shop.

Last year, Stevie, also managed to find me one of the French gem that even when I was in Paris in 2013, I could not find one... Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet....

So, there you go.... if you are looking for old LPs, in a guaranteed VG or NM reasonable price.... do visit Tower Records. They have new ones too but limited.

Disclaimer: I do not have any commercial interest in the shop, just a fool sharing the passion for music.

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