Sunday, 17 May 2015

First Owner in Malaysia: Musical Fidelity Merlin System

Only after 4 days of its arrival, the first Musical Fidelity Merlin system was purchased by a gentleman whom wanted a neat and minimalist system for his lovely living room.

Tony Lee of LTB Enterprise, sole distributor of Musical Fidelity product in Malaysia sacrificed his Sunday afternoon when I requested that someone of high importance to me wanted this system to be set up today. Thank you for that Tony as he himself delivered and set up the system.

We arrived at about 245 pm at a very beautifully designed house and after a brief introduction to the new owner, Tony begin to set things up. It took about 45 minutes to set everything up. The owner opted for the speakers to be set up vertically to save space. I, however, due to excitement... also helped out on the amplifier, bluetooth and speakers set up.

To test that everything works, the Bluetooth was first tested. And the Samsung phone connected to the amp seamlessly. The initial sound sounded a bit rough but it was due to the quality of digital source. The first LP that went onto the The Roundtable was Eric Clapton unplugged but that was after Tony gave a crash course to the owner on the do's and don'ts.

Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven was so emotional and we could not believe this system can deliver the emotional impact of this song. Such a bold presentation. It was then followed by Dire Straits Sultan of Swings. Very detail and tight deliverance of this track.

Each unit of the system is solidly built. Interconnects and speaker cable are provided.  It is a bog standard speaker cable with spades connection while the binding posts on the speakers and amp can fit banana plugs.

The amp churns out 50 wpc power and can easily fill up the living room with enveloping musical atmosphere.

I wish I had more time to listen to the system but it is a well refined system....minimalist but shear enjoyment.

Congratulations for the new owner. May he have a  long and unlimited musical experience.

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