Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Small But Mighty KEF LS50

I have read and heard so many people singing high praises with this pair of speakers. The one or two experience I had at the shops and AV show, I was not really impressed with them. However, it may be due to incorrect set up or improper listening room.

Now, thanks to a friendly audiophile fellow, I had the chance to experience what these KEF can really deliver. Time flies fast when you listen to a good set up. His whole system was quite simple but of high reputation as well. And with a properly engineered room treatment, his gentleman pad is one pad that one can spend hours without experiencing fatigue.

His system comprises a Lenco 78 and Linn LP12  with Rogue Audio phono stage as analogue source and Marantz+ Rega DAC as digital source. The system is then powered by a Primaluna tube amp.

Rogue Audio tube phono stage with changeable MM/MC input

Linn LP12

The LS50 delivered such an enveloping experience with quite clean and detail performance. The low end extension was surprisingly involving coming from a small unit. The only other bookshelf that gave me a good low end notes experience was the PMC Twenty 21. The room treatment also helped to bring out a big soundstage experience.

The LS50s may not be the best looking speakers, but the performance was definitely at a level that is very much comparable with a good floorstander speakers. 

Listening to David Sanborn and Eric Clapton, the music was layered and the bass was just filling up the room with sufficient punch and the vocals was just sweet and engaging.

Not much to complain on this speakers now except that it should be residing in my house as well, maybe for my third system.

Congrats to the system owner. Very nicely set up, appropriately sized for his audio den with good matching of components.

Sampler 1 from Linn LP12

Sampler 2 from Lenco L78

Sampler 3 from Lenco L78

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