Friday, 11 December 2015

A Collection of Malaysian Underground Music Volume 1 - Not For Weak Hearted

A long wait.... but its worth it. Meaty sound with quite detailed presentation. 

When I first heard about this compilation LP, I immediately pre book a copy. Mainly because of my love towards this kind of metal music and the fact that I no longer own the cassettes of these local underground bands.

The sleeve is one of the better quality sleeves produced for a local LP release. The artwork design is eccentric with a mixture of bloody gory zombies and cartoon based art. Reminds me a lot of the band Gorillas.

The music.... What can I say... I am a sucker for a good various type of metal music and of course thrash music. My favourite track is the first track Thrash Or Be Thrashed by Central Disposal. The overall sound quality is in between medium to good. Very meaty sound with regards to providing that metal adrenalin. Even for this kind music, the reproduction of the music is filled with high clarity and detail. The speedy double pedal on the drums brings out the slam in each track. However, at times, it can sound a bit thin where I had to crank up the volume to about 12 o' clock on the amp. Nevertheless, it is indeed a good production overall. A very good and exciting initiative to elevate the LP passion among the local metal lovers.

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