Saturday, 19 November 2016

MatYeoX Interconnect: Clarity Beyond Its Price

I just love the local hifi scene. There are still a number of decent hifi and music lovers whom put forth ear satisfaction above name and price. Local DIY-ers go through various level of excitement by experimenting basic science and apply it to their hobby. I have reviewed a number of different components built by DIY-ers (most time, I will be the first to review), namely USB DAC (Stoner Acoustics), power amp, pre amp (KOGA Labs) and interconnects (KOGA Labs, Mizzal). Each have their own potential given the right approach and level of attention.

This time around, I have this pair of interconnect, courtesy of a well known HT enthusiast, MatYeo. He is not only one of those who people refer to when it comes to HT but he also caters the need of cabling for them. His debut interconnect is named MatYeoX.  

Basic Specification

The conductor material is OFC (Oxygen Free Conductor) with a gauge of 20. Braided shielding coverage is up to 95% and the diameter is about 6.5 mm. It does not sound like anything special but what matters is how the end product affect your sound.

Professionally terminated and finished with a nice red and black woven sleeve. You will be surprised how much it cost. Read on to know the pocket damage.

The Set Up

I used this IC with 2 sources:
  1. Lenco L78 to the Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL phono stage
  2. SONY HAP Z1-ES hi res player to Musical Fidelity M6i amp
  3. HECO Direkt speakers with Vermouth Audio Black Pearl cables

The Tracks

  1. Little Train by Niels Hennings and gang (WAV 24/192)
  2. Whiskey in The Jar by Metallica (WAV 16/44.1)
  3. Countdown to Extinction by Megadeth (LP)
The Session

The MatYeoX have been in my system for over a month now and have been part of many reviews actually. Even the PMC and Bryston. Hidden gem it is.

Little Train by Niels Hennings, Orsted Pederson and Sam Jones

This double bass track was the ultimate point where I find the glory of this IC. A heavy bass track like this, given the wrong cabling, may end up with a muddled or boomy bass. MatYeoX opens up the track to be more than just double bass emphasize. The guitar was made to be heard as nice back up instrument with quite rhythmic percussion. Rim shots sounded hard and detail under that layer of heavy bass. The HECO played a big role in expanding the bass line but the MatYeoX brought up a more refined overall sound. This was indeed the highlight for me when it comes to this IC.

Whiskey in The Jar by Metallica
Again, MatYeoX brought up that clarity of the metallic metal riffs by Kirk and gang. Somehow, it brings up the energy of the guitar, hi hat and even James's vocal. The bass drum somehow was subdued by the ferocious sound of upfront presentation. For a track like this, you may need a good IC 'moderator' to avoid any overwhelming bass impact.

The guitar on this track sounded sharper and more clarity can be heard compared to my previous Canare IC. The high hat sound on the percussion side also very accurate and detail alongside the warm bass I get from the kick pedal. Dave's vocal also sounded more upfront and coherent within the entirety of the track. It made this classic track sounded bold and really managed to recreate that 'dark' ambient to the listener. 


The MatYeoX is a no nonsense interconnect. It brings up a lot of clarity in my system when it comes to high frequency importance. It somehow will tame some low ends impact to avoid any extra unwanted boom. The built is of high standard with high quality materials as well. Its not one of those rigid type ICs physically. Easily to be 'snaked' into any tight set ups.

For RM90/meter complete with RCA, try it if your system suffer from certain boomy or muddled bass issue. It it does not work, its not going to burn your pocket or get a scolding from the wife. Contact MatYeo at 019-2224914

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