Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BenQ W11000 and W8000 Projectors Launched in Malaysia

While Star Wars fans were going gaga over Rogue One on 15th December 2016, BenQ the world's leading human technology and solutions provider launched their latest 4K projector series W11000 and W800 in Malaysia. The event was held in CMY, Sungai Wang where these projectors were set up in the latest edition of home theater venue in the local scene. 

Desmond Wong, Sales and Marketing Director, BenQ Service & Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. (second from left); Eason Lu, Business Line Manager, Business Line Management Division, APAC Region, BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation (third from left); Simeon Sia, Marketing Communication Manager, BenQ Service & Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. (fourth from left); and Sasha Huang, Product Marketing Manager, Business Line Management Division, APAC Region, BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation (fifth from left) together with the BenQ W11000 during the launch event 

BenQ W11000

The W1100 is the world's first Ultra HD Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector to have earned the prestigious THX® HD Display Certification. The design is based on the projectors used in IMAX cinemas. 

Harnessing the advanced DLP 4K UHD DMD with XPR technology, W11000 produces 3840 x 2160 distinct pixels for true 8.3-millionpixel 4K UHD resolution. Single-DMD DLP technology ensures absolute image integrity and color accuracy without artifacts that can be introduced by panel alignment issues, especially critical at 4K with much finer pixels than 1080p. BenQ’s highly optimized 4K optical system then employs 14 high-resolution elements, a true zoom system, and special low-dispersion lens coatings to preserve spectacular visual quality for an authentic digital cinema experience.

Requiring 10 times as much data analysis and seven times the engineering effort and resources in precise color and gamma adjustments as required for pure Rec. 709 compliance, W11000 underwent over 18 months of rigorous development and 200 THX laboratory tests covering over 500 data points to ensure strict color accuracy, precise gamma, ideal color temperature, enhanced uniformity, and super high native contrast ratio for THX Certification. Passing three rounds of live testing at THX headquarters in San Francisco, W11000 offers supreme overall image performance and THX Mode, pre-calibrated by THX engineers for the most accurate out-of-box picture quality possible to deliver authentic cinematic content as filmmakers originally intended. Augmenting its high native ANSI contrast ratio, W11000’s Active Iris and Dynamic Black technology, SmartEco, and proprietary black paint sealed light engine produce an astounding 50,000:1 dynamic contrast performance for fine detail rendition in the darkest and brightest scenes without washout to preserve every subtlety of the original content.

W11000’s CinemaMaster™ image processing technology improves vivid color reproduction, flesh tone correction, and advanced digital color and luminance noise reduction. W11000 is also ISFccc (certified calibration certificate) calibration ready, enabling professional in-home custom calibration.

W11000 natively supports 2.35:1 anamorphic aspect ratio, offering the ultra-wide cinemascope experience of commercial digital cinemas. Its UHD performance opens a wider viewing angle to allow comfortable viewing of ultra-detailed 4K images up close, maximizing the useable screen size in any given space for a mesmerizingly immersive movie watching experience.

With a streamlined style featuring sleek front-facing ventilation, W11000 blends seamlessly into upscale home cinema aesthetics. Its unobstructed port architecture features extra space to accommodate thick high-quality cables and HDMI / power cable locking to hold them securely in place. And to fit perfectly into any home cinema, W11000 features H/V lens shift and 1.5X big zoom for precisely custom installations.

Powered by ultimately durable Digital Light Processing, the 2015 Academy Award of Merit Oscar® winning technology used in 90% of the world’s digital cinemas, W11000 delivers long-lasting picture quality with precise colors and razor-sharp clarity without maintenance or degradation.

The retail price is RM23,888 but currently CMy is doing a promotion for RM 18,888. Please contact Dicky Ng of CMY if interested.

BenQ W8000

The W8000 is also a THX Certified and share the same CinemaMaster technology as the big brother. They are equipped with state of the art image adjustment settings to allow users to tailor the visual characteristics to their own preference.

As the first ever BenQ projector to be awarded the prestigious and exclusive THX Certification, BenQ engineers pursued over 18 months of rigorous development comprising 200 THX laboratory tests covering over 500 data points to ensure that it meets Rec. 709 color accuracy, precise gamma, ideal color temperature, enhanced uniformity, and super high native contrast ratio requirements. Originally developed by Lucasfilm engineers to distinguish only best-in-class audio and video systems, THX Certification ensures that certified equipment can accurately deliver content as the director originally intended, and W8000's THX Mode is pre-calibrated by THX engineers to deliver the most accurate out-of-the-box picture quality possible.

In addition to THX Certified picture quality performance from its strict Rec. 709 RGBRGB color wheel and high pixel fill factor, razor-sharp clarity and superbly sensitive high ANSI contrast from DLP technology, the Full HD 1080p W8000 offers state-of-the-art image adjustment settings to tailor visual characteristics perfectly to viewer preferences with CinematicColor and CinemaMaster technologies. Exact adjustments to gamma, color temperature, flesh tones, motion frame rates, and more can be made to suit individual requirements.

Further enhancing flexible customizability, W8000 is compatible with five interchangeable optional lenses including 2.4:1 anamorphic aspect ratio, to integrate seamlessly into space ranging from cozy family rooms to purpose-built audiovisual screening rooms. Moreover, horizontal and vertical hardware lens shift and big zoom capability preserve perfect image quality while facilitating installation flexibility over a variety of mounting and placement options.

Powered by the industrial-grade durability DLP technology and the robust DMD chip, W8000 produces accurate colors and brilliant uniformity without decay for years to come.

To find out more about BenQ projectors, please visit BenQ.com.


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