Monday, 24 April 2017

Fenomena Music Is Here To Rock!

While thousands around Malaysia celebrating Record Store Day, there was one venue that took this special day to launch a new music shop. Its not just another music shop but it comes with a theme...a theme known by all rock kapak fans.. Its called Fenomena Music. Located in Plaza Damas, right beside the existing Dream Studio. It is under the same management of Dato Zaharul Anuar.

It was also not just a launch as there were several special events planned on that day:
  • Launching of the reissue of Fenomena Double LP which was opened for pre-order for the first numbered 100 copies at a discounted price of RM275. Expected to be released by June 2017.
  • Listening session of the double LP Test Pressing
  • Special RSD issued 2 tracks Fenomena EP and the full album signed by the cover design artist Tapa Otai
  • Meet and Greet session with Search
  • Wings Belenggu Irama green vinyl that comes with a T-Shirt.

I arrived slightly early at 1120 am instead of the start time of 12 pm. Mainly to get a good parking! So it was still a quiet affair at that time. The crew were still busy doing lats minute preparation. It didn't really look like an RSD day but more of a Search day which I am ok with that. The main reason I was here is because of Search.

Music is fun but when I see Datuk and his crew breaking their back preparing the venue, I realise that it is hard work to ensure things are in order for the artist and fans. Most people think it is a walk in the park for those working behind the scenes to get the music to the fan base.

By 1245 pm, the Vespa team arrived lead by the one and only, Amy Search.

Amy came in a full coveralls, maybe oil and gas companies can take him as a resident artist for the offshore operations (joking). Soon after, the rest of the band members arrived but of course still without Yazit the drummer.

By 2 pm, the Fenomena Music shop was officially launched by Search. ... and soon after that the door was open for fans to start shopping and pre order the Fenomena double LP.

All and all, it was  a different RSD atmosphere here where the guests were mainly here for Search.  Thank you to Fenomena Music for bringing new opportunities for local music fans to meet their favourite artist and also to have the chance to own the Fenomena LP at a more practical price compared to the ones online.

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