Sunday, 1 April 2018

BOSE SoundSport Free - They Did It Right... Well Almost

Seriously good. One of my best BT earphones/headphones purchase. I was hoping for Sony to nail this market of a true wireles earbuds but it failed miserably with my phone. It was disclosed to me that to now, the Sony is only stable with Sony phones and iPhone, but not other android phones.

Connectivity: stable without signal drop over 2 hours today playback. Connect to phone within seconds.

IP4: hopefully this one will last long. I have two other BT earphones.. One died within 3 months, the other 1 year through workouts.

Comfort: fits well in the ear and does not come off even with sweat. Went through rain yesterday without a glitch. Its also quite light.

Controls: the buds are well built that the small buttons are quite stiff. Need to press it stronger than other models to change track, control volume etc.

Noise isolation: Moderate. Reach better isolation at about 60% volume on phone. No leaks though.

Battery life: 5 hours

Looks: To die for.

Sound: 7/10. Belts out jazz, vocal, pop with enough energy to keep you going on your runs. Rock and heavy metal seems to struggle a bit where it can be a bit harsh on the ears. Not a bass oriented buds they are.

Extras: the carrying case cum charger can charge the buds for 2 cycles. I also received a special Bose powerbank for that extra juice.

Very unfortunate Bose Malaysia not bringing in this model. Purchased this in Japan at about RM950.

Overall: 8/10

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