Saturday, 19 May 2018

Perfect HiFi Gets The Mighty Kronos Dealership

What can I say? I still love Kronos. I mean everything about it, just make sense. Even the price is relatively attractive for a high end equipment. After a few years  since its debut in Malaysia, the Kronos brand dealership has landed to Perfect Hifi effective 18th May 2018.

To commemerate the occasion, Perfect Hifi hosted a launch event at their KL branch where Kronos legend, Louis Desjardin was in town to give an update of whats new. The event was done on 19th May where most of the hifi who's who was present including Mr. Dick Tan, Erik Goh, Lam Seng Fatt, Dato Danon, Yong Fan Shing etc.

It was a simple do but an exciting one as for the first time, I get to experience the new Kronos phono stage among other enhacements to the Kronos Pro. Paired with Audio Research and Sonus, the audience were generally amazed with the clarity and 'quietness' of the Kronos. 

Louis was his usual jovial self and explained to the audience what is the meaning of a complete and true analogue source. The basis of the design is to reproduce, as close as possible to the original master tape. The Kronos Reference Phono Amp is a 2 chassis design that sits firmly on a Kronos SCPS stands that was designed  to isolate resonance.

While we wait for the glorious sound to be show cased in the upcoming KLIAV show 2018, have a listen here.

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