Friday, 11 January 2019

Accuphase E370 Integrated Amplifier Review – Honest to the Music

Happy New Year to all readers. I am kicking off this year by accepting an offer to write for a Toronto based hifi review poratl and magazine NOVO High End. My first article have just been published on this Accuphase E370 INtegrated amplifier, courtery of HiFi Creations Trading.

You can read my review here - Accuphase E370 Integrated amp review

If anyone is interested to audition this unit, please contact Victor Pheh at 0122962799

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Unknown said...

Really enjoyed the review. I noticed you also tested Bryston with your PMC. I was wondering, how you would compare the B135 to the Accuphase ? I am currently on the hunt for a new amp for my Twenty5.23.