Monday, 29 July 2019

Dayton Audio B652 and Kinter K2020A+ Amp - HiFi Starter Kit

I didnt know what to expect when Tech X request me for a quick listen to this pair. I heard about its raving reviews in the USA. But initially I thought its one of those more hype than essence. Boy I was wrong.

The specs look decent enough. Not so sure why its 6 ohms than the usual 4 or 8 ohms. At 87 dB sensitivity, I can say it should be an easy drive into these speakers.

The Kinter amp is a mini sized amp with just one input available. Providing a 20 watter power to the speakers.

The overall presentation sounds big on this track called Clown by Emili Sande. Her vocal was delivered with quite high energy.  The environment of the live performance can be greatly felt and the energy of her performance can be felt throughout. First most noticeable character of this pairing is level of clarity coming from this mini size speakers.

Next up was Norah Jones singinig Come Away With Me. This further confirms the strength of this pairing lies in the area of clarity and transparency with enough energy to push the emotions across.

Putting on Whiskey in The Jar by Metallica shows a different experience though. I cant get enough the grunt that this track warrants it listener. Drums sounds a bit weak with lacking in low end response. James's vocal also sounded less convincing.

I went back to jazz and put on my favourite track Take Five. It further confirms that the speaker could not deliver sufficient bass response.While the wind instrument took centre stage, the percussion just sounded more on the flat side.

Putting something lighter but has a lot of emotions in the song was Black by Pearl Jam. Eddie's rich voice remains rich and deep. His growls was not compromised as well. The guitar intro and the bass notes were pretty deep and convincing.

All and all, I would recommend this pairing for those looking into getting into the hifi scene. It gives you an introductory exposure on how hifi should sound. Given its price point, I dont see any other pairing can deliver such powerful musicality like this.

Anyone interested can contact Tech X website.

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