Saturday, 20 April 2013

Darbee Does KL !

I have been missing a lot on TV performance for the past few years. When you think that you are already looking at the best display, you find out that as much digital audio development, image too is developing at a high pace.

After the ISF calibration done a few weeks back, I was introduced to this piece of device, specially brought from the US of A. OK, I lied hehehe... I was actually introduced to this unit even before the calibration was done. But I wanted to the calibration to be done first before testing out this unit.

So what is a DarbeeVision Darblet?? It is actually a device that takes HDMI video experience to new heights. Performance = 1080pHD/60 in real time.

An HDMI accessory that will add intense depth and clarity to any video -- enabling ultra-immersive visuals. As a video processor module in a small housing, DarbeeVision technology simply plugs into any HDMI media device and will enhance the output of any video stream, like DVD, Blu-ray, smart phone, and media players and any digital broadcast -- on both standard and high-definition TVs. 

OK, that was taken straight off their website at

It basically enhances further one's TV viewing experience. Even with the ISF calibration, the enhancement can still be seen when this device is connected,.

Another exciting fact about this unit is that it is actually fully made in the US of A. Look at the stamp on the back of the unit.

The unit nicely packed in a carton box and inside the box is the Darbee unit, a 5V power supply plug, credit card size remote and a one page manual.

Do NOTE that the power supply plug is a 2 pin US plug, so you would need a 3 pin adaptor.

How do you connect it? You will need an extra HDMI cable. From your source, plug in the HDMI cable into the HDMI INPUT of the Darbee and take the other HDMI cable, plug it from the HDMI Output of the Darbee and into your TV.

In my case, I connected from the output of my Yamaha receiver into the Darbee where there are 5 HDMI sources connected to the Yamaha namely Oppo 95EU BDP, Marantz DVD player, ASTRO Byond, Apple TV and a Philips DVD recorder.

The impact can be seen instantaneously as soon as you power up the device.

Do NOTE that the unit needs to be ON for an image to be displayed on your TV.

On the remote, you can easily turn the Darbee On or OFF to compare the image with and without the Darbee. And when it is ON, you can also increase and decrease the 'processing effect' from 0 to 120%

There are also 3 different preset mode:

1. Hi Def: Specific for Hi Def sources like BluRay
2. Gaming: Self explanatory
3. Full Pop: The strongest effect, but some possible visible artifacts.

Played 2 movies today....The Last Holiday and Dances with Wolves. On The Last Holiday, the Darbee gave an astonishing vibrant expression of colour contrast especially red items. I played around the % setting and found that 80% looks the best portarying Queen Latifah's unique face feature.

Dance with Wolves however was a bit tricky. At 80%, the detail shown by Darbee made the picture look a bit unrealistic. Had to lower down to 50% before the enhancement looks more natural.

The unit was preset on Hi Def on  both movies.

With ASTRO B.yond content, the HD channels looks very vivid but it needs to at 100% in order to see a good difference. SD content however, does not benefit much from the Darbee. I can say it a bit non-existance actually.

Putting on a more recent Blu Ray (Hobbit), was when the Darbee really shines. The details shown on Gollum character was life like and did not portray it as graphic effect.

The best enhancement however happened on Apple TV. Watching Spiderman (Full HD version) on ATV, it benefit from the Darbee a very rich and detail portrayal of the Spidey suit and the night scenes are more detailed without loosing the nocturnal environment.

The beauty about this unit is that it can be adjusted to suit the best required viewing need for any individual requirement. Depending on the quality of the HD content,  people can adjust the Darbee effect to suit their preference.

But for me personally, anything above 100% will make the image looks unnatural.

This unit can be purchased from AV Designs, Mezzanine floor, Bangunan Rohas Perkasa. It is retailed at RM1300 and for those who are looking at improving your movie viewing pleasure, this unit might meet your requirement.

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