Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Beginning of My Music and Rock Era

This is how I started off in music. I was 10 years old and while waiting for my late dad to pick me up from my Saturday footbal training in school, I was walking around on the those long spectator benches and found this cassette of Lefthanded (Seruan album). Played it in the car and my late dad said 'This is Rock music'... Ehhh??? Batu music? What?

The rest was history... It was then Search, Wings, DIO,Whitesnake and Iron Maiden.

And when I went to high school, I joined the school band on bagpipes and drums. Got my first 5 piece Pearl forum series drum set when I was 17. And then a Yamaha DTXplorer in Abu Dhabi when I was 28.
Good times good times...

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