Saturday, 31 May 2014

Clamp Fight Part Deux: Quadro VS LPI

After a week of nasty tonsillitis.... I continued the re-match with a few demanding LPs namely:

1. Metallica S&M Live... for its metal plus orchestral strings
2. Oscar Peterson Trio for its extensive play of hi-hat and the ride cymbal and snare
3. Enigma for its bass driven tracks

From previous match.... LPI was leading 1-0


LPI: On Nothing Else Matter, the guitar and violin intro were quite a piece. Although it was a slow intro but you can hear and feel that its building up towards an energetic music arrangement. James's vocals also sounded 'live' rather than a studio mixed vocals. 

Quadro: It brought the atmosphere down a notch. Not in a bad way. It just mellow down the track to make it more like a 'rock ballad'. The 'live' atmosphere was not really evident.

2-0 to LPI.

Oscar Peterson

LPI: On the Night Train album, the clarity on each single stroke on the hi hat and ride was really revealing. Somehow, it arises and compliments the rest of the instrument with such strong character.

Quadro: It was still noticeable but more subtle and it sounded like its more as a background sound rather than a more upfront sound. Which to me is what hihat, ride and snare suppose to be.

2-1... first point for Quadro


LPI: The bass was too overwhelming. It does give a more spacious and extensive sound (especially the vocals) but it was just more on the 'Dr. Dre Monster headphones' kinda of bass. A bit too much adrenalin.

Quadro: The bass was much more sweeter and balanced with the rest of the music. It does not overshadow the vocals and synthesizers. It relaxes the music and gives a comfort feeling to listeners which this is the way I like it when listening to Enigma.

2-2..... Its a tie....

Do I need to test another LP and see who can win this fight?

No.... not really....


Like any other analogue tweaks, its a very subjective point to say one is better than the other. Both clamps can affect the sound...thats for sure.... Hence, does it do what it claims to do? Reduce resonance, absorb vibrations, stabilised the LP etc....??? I guess so... there is no way for me to actually proof nor measure this.

The way I see it (or listen to it)..:

LPI: performs best for live music, vocals and strings. It brings out the body of such music.
Quadro: performs best for bass heavy music and jazz. It balances out all the different musical instrument.

Thats what I think..

Is the LPI a keeper?

in the words of Master Yoda...

Why not? :)

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