Sunday, 25 May 2014

Clamp Flight: Clearaudio Quadro VS Stillpoints LPI Part 1

Date: Monday, 19th May 2014
Venue: El Hefe's Ruang Tamu
Format: Multiple Re-Match

I have always believe that TT clamps make a different, at least on my Clearaudio Concept TT. However, all these while, I could only compare between having a clamp on or off using my Quadro clamp.

Recently, a friend of mine offered me to try this Stillpoints LP Isolator (LPI). When it was used on his system, it definitely provide a different sound. We also compared it with a Clearaudio Statement clamp. Each of them gave a different performance.

So, I took up the offer to try it at home with the risk of burning a hole in my pocket if the LPI wins a clamp fight with my Quadro.

The stage was set on 19th May.

1st Match:

The first LP went in was of course my new reference LP... Andrea Bocelli's Passione album. On the track Era Gia ....

Quadro: Clean, airy and subtle low end
LPI: Still clean, airy but more body to his vocals and bass

Match was then suspended.....due to the referee.... fell sick with tonsilitis.

To be continued.....

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