Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 HiFi/HeadFi/HT Reflection

First of all, I would like to say thank you  all those who have visited, commented and bashed my blog.  Without all of you, this blog would not reach over 70,000 visitors (40,000 this year alone compared to 30,000 in 2013 when I started the blog).... and NO.... this does not include my own visit :)

Secondly, thank you to the following individual and companies in NO order of preference:

  1. Victor Pheh of HiFi Creations for loaning me the Magnet power amps and power conditioner for the first 2014 review
  2. James Tan and Tony Low of AV Designs for PMC poison especially the PMC Twenty 26
  3. Max Loh and Yoon Tat of Maxx Audio for your SVS and AudioPhysics poison
  4. Steve Chua of CMY Audio OU Branch for the Oppo poison
  5. Spin Doctor Mastan Latiff and Khalizul for the vintage GL78 TT
  6. Tony Lee of LTB Enterprise for the continuous Musical Fidelity updates
  7. Chong of Stoner Acoustics for the UD120
  8. Nick of Hard Graft Records for getting me those great metal LPs
  9. Stevie of Tower Records for getting me the long awaited Charles Trenet LP
  10. Radzi of Teenage Head Records for an excellent RSD this year
  11. Khairul Fahmi from Embrace JB for all those Legoland LPs :)
  12. Foo Lek Choong for RSD shopping and continuous TT poison
  13. Mr. Dick Tan for not forgetting me in KLIAV show
  14. Willy Low of AV2Day for sharing hifi wisdom 
  15. Erik Goh for hifi sessions and kopitiam
  16. Bassraptor, WongKN, Foong, Bal for managing HiFi4sale
  17. Blogger Sting for personally helping me with the PMC26 review
  18. Mr. Andrew Everard for his kind comments and advise on my Oppo HA1 review
  19. Wilmslow Audio in UK for providing me with a replacement tweeter for my TDL RTL3SE
  20. What Are You Listening To Right Now FB Group for an excellent HiFi session this year.
  21. LP Lovers Forever Whatsapp Group
  22. PMC UK for the souvenir gift
  23. WhatHiFi UK for shortlisting my hifi set up for the top 10 finalist for July 2014

Did I leave out anybody?

I started 2014 with a personal target to improve on my HT set up as I am quite happy with my HiFi and HeadFi set up.

Dream to have but may put some effort in getting one in 2014

1. Bryston Mini T speakers to replace my Mission M34i home cinema front speakers
2. A projector and screen set up / 60" or 65" TV

So how did I do?

PMC Twenty 23
PMC Twenty Centre (swayed)
Samsung LED CURVE TV 65" 9000 series
SVS NSD12 Subwoofer (swayed)
Oppo HA-1 headphone amp (swayed)
Lenco GL78 TT (swayed)
Many many many LPs and BluRay and HFPA

Mission M34i
Infinity Primus Centre
Musical Fidelity M1 HPA
Wharfedale SW150 sub

YEESSSS... I am weak when it comes to HT/HiFi/HeadFi... So sue me... :)
So...whats in store for me in 2015? With the oil price slumping.... I may have to set an objective of ZERO hardware changes.... except for the following:

  • Installing the presence and surround back speakers to complete my 9.1 channel home cinema (speakers are already available, just need installing)
So, I am starting my 2015 with:

2 Channel HiFi Set Up

Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amplifier
Musical Fidelity M1 PWR power amp
Musical Fidelity M6 DAC
Musical Fidelity M1 CDT
Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL phono stage
Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC universal media player/streamer
Bryston BHA-1 Headphone amp and Alessandro Grado MS Pro headphone
SONY MDS JA20ES minidisk player
Onkyo Cassette Deck
ClearAudio Concept TT
GL78 Lenco TT
Apple TV
Dell Windows Laptop with Samsung UA55HU8000 TV
Belkin PF50
Full Siltech Classic Anniversary 330L cable, IC, power cable, digital cable
Tombo cable elevators


Home Theater Set Up

Yamaha RXV 2067 AV receiver
PMC twenty 23 front speaker
PMC twenty Centre
Wharfedale Diploe rear speakers
SVS NSD12 subwoofer
Oppo 95EU BD player
SONY CDP XB930E CD player
Apple TV
Marantz DV4000 DVD player
Samsung UA65HU9000 65" UHD Curve TV
Darbee Darblet DVP5000

Bedroom Set Up

Oppo HA-1 headphone amp with Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla headphone
BOSE WAVE system

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