Saturday, 20 December 2014

SVS Haven in Seremban - Maxx Audio Visual

I first got to know Max Loh sometime in early 2012 when I was working on projector and screen installation for my home. But then the project was deferred as me and the Mrs was blessed with our 3rd child. Nevertheless, we still keep in touch based on our common interest in home cinema and hifi.

Along the way, I have gotten to know about Max's renowned status as the King of Sub in Malaysia, primarily with his SVS line up. However, since 2012, I have only manage to experience SVS shear power during the KLIAV show in 2012 and 2013. This is mainly because his shop is in Seremban, about 1 hour 45 mins from my home and with 3 kids....its just so darn impossible to visit his shop.

Nevertheless....comes 2014 and I wanted this year to be my home theatre year. I wanted to revamp the whole set up except for my AVR. TV, front speakers, centre speaker...aaandd a subwoofer...  Max came back various options of SVS subs and AudioPhysics front. I had to scrap the idea of projector and screen as its just not conducive enough to set it up in my living room. 

Max and Yoon Tat.... did not complaint of my request to test out subs and speakers at my house.
At the end, I finally succumbed to the SVS sub poison and became one of the owners of a very talented sub.

And finally after over 2 years, I made a point to visit his shop in Seremban on my way back from a bowling tournament in Melaka on 13th Dec 2014. It coincides with the new arrival of SVS Prime Series..... and the word Prime is just an understatement for this very capable speaker range at a fraction of a price.

After enjoying that, I was then treated with the SVS Ultra set up....

All and all, it was  good visit...Max and Yoon Tat were being their ever friendly self eventhough I know they were actually a bit under the weather.

For excellent dual sub experience.... Maxx Audio is the place to visit.

You can visit them at 66G, Jalan Toman 4, Kemayan Square, 70200 Seremban, N.S.D.K. Tel: 017-6778820, 016-3229428, 06-7620811 Email:,


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