Saturday, 7 March 2015

Malaysia Entertainment History! .... Puteri Gunung Ledang & Noh Salleh

This week in Malaysia, there were 2 exciting releases:
1. Puteri Gunung Ledang 10th Year Anniversary Limited Edition Bluray Boxset... first bluray for a Malaysian movie. Encoded with 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio and remastered picture quality for high def.
2. Noh Salleh's long awaited LP. Pressed in Germany in 45 RPM. Excellent sound quality.
Watch out for the review soon.

A very fine blu ray box set release for this legendary Malaysian movie. Kudos to Datin Seri Tiara and her team for all the hard work making this movie 10 years ago and also for the high quality remastering of the audio and visual of this movie into this blu ray masterpiece.

The packaging alone was also of high quality design. Complete with high density photos of some of the scenes, an audio CD and also a simple booklet. Outer packaging is also classy.

Picture quality is of the finest I have seen so far for local movies. The colours came out vivid and realistic. It was difficult to spot any CGI graphics unless you focus and try to look for one. Every single detail on people's face expression was very clear and refine. Yes, I was having the Darbee on, but even when I turn it off, it was still better than any other local movies I have experienced with. 

Audio quality was with 5.1 DTS HD MASTER AUDIO. The result of the remastering into this was mesmerising. Often enough the rear channel managed to create an atmosphere on top of Gunung Ledang with the birds chirping etc. As I was using my front height speaker to produce 7.1 channel, the scene at the waterfall where Hang Tuah met his love, a very big soundstage was created with the front height speakers producing a waterfall effect covering my front wall.

However, the LFE could have been enhanced more. The one or two scenes with explosions when Hang Tuah was fighting with the King of Majapahit mano et mano, the mastering did not manage to give the vibration that I usually enjoy from my SVS subwoofer.

Dialogue on the centre channel was crystal clear and mixed well with the front left and right channel and also the front height.

Overall, it was  good buy as this movie is just not classy, but with this high quality production of bluray, the other local movie makers should take the cue from Datin Seri and produce more of this high quality movies.

In my record, Noh Salleh is the 3rd Malaysian artist that have jumped onto the LP production bandwagon. First was Zee Avi, then Aizat and then comes Noh.

Although this mini album was released a few months back, Noh's decision to issue the album in LP was good one. And he did not deprive his fans from having a high quality in sound and made on this LP. Pressed in Germany I was told, Noh decided to issue it in 45 RPM mode.

Sound quality is at par as per some of my audiophile quality. If I was to give a name, it might be as comparable to MoFi.

Kudos to Noh and his team for producing such high quality LP....and music for that fact.

Next month... Sil Khannaz LP to reviewed. 

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