Friday, 20 May 2016

MUCK - Ipoh Mali Local Trash Heroes

In the past few years, the vinyl revival have hit the local scene as well especially the non main stream artists. With pioneers like Sil Khannaz, The Bollocks, Langsuyr, FTG etc... all of them have reissued or press some of their newer materials on LP, no surprise that others will start to follow.

I accidentally became friends with a fine gentleman named Fairuz via our similar passion of good music reproduction system a.k.a HiFi, but only after about 1.5 years that I know he plays in a band back in Ipoh. MUCK is the name and refreshing tunes is their game. Recently, MUCK has announced that they will be launching their very first album in style...... An LP + CD package with goodies for the pre-order units. I immediately pre ordered one without really knowing what kind of music they play. But in the spirit of supporting local non main stream artists, I did not hesitate to pre order it. 

Finally last week, I receive the beautifully packed package complete with a poster, postcard and button badge. And I got number 37 out of limited 300 pieces. Immediately I started spinning it and yes... I like what I hear. I cant really figure out how to classify their musical genre (no... they do not play thrash music)... the first track Where Only You Belong... sounds like they are influenced by fuzzy Brit pop like Supergrass and Ocean Colour Scene. This by the way is my favourite track.


Music is subjective. You need to listen to it by yourself and decide whether you like their music or not. I like it but don't sue me if you don't :). This album was recorded in Damansara Perdana and mastered by Jack Endino at Sound House, Seattle. The LP itself was pressed in Australia.

How about the sound quality of this LP? For a first attempt, this is indeed a good quality issue. As the music is more raw with lots of guitar effect, it sounded fresh and not over cooked with too much digital influence. Guitar sounds really fuzzy and authoritative. The drums sounded hollow in a good way, presented in its own hard hitting pace. The highlight for me was how this LP+mastering+music arrangement manage to shine out the details of the bassline. The bassist must be smiling to hear his works at this very detailed level. Vocal was also very clear and was not overshadowed by the grungy and shrieking guitar works. I say, this was a properly sound engineered recording and nicely pressed into a memorable first album for MUCK. And at the price they were selling it, it can easily put some of the main stream artist shoddy pressing and mastering quality to shame. Overall, it really reminded me of my short stint in a recording studio back in the UK. Managed to to record and release a 3 songs singles.... before I left the British band.... to avoid from flunking my studies :)

Congrats to this Local Trash Heroes who hails from Ipoh.... Proud to own one of your masterpiece.

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