Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Collection of Malaysia Underground Music Volume 2 - Vinyl Passion Did It Again

I have a confession to make. I am quite ashamed that I have lost touch with the development of the local underground scene. I still follow the scene but mostly the bands that was in my era of growing up and when I was still patronising the local gigs. Names like SilKhannaz, Brain Dead, Nebiras,  Silent Death, Carburetor Dung, The Pilgrims, The Bollocks, The Splatters are among the bands that I still spin their music. Coming back to this LP, I was intrigued to see The Pilgrims was in the line up. So, that was my first driver to quickly get a hold of this LP. Second reason was that the Volume 1 was so good as well.

What is the best time to listen to this LP? Of course early in the morning, with a cup of coffee and roti bakar. I started to spin this LP as early as 630 am. Ten bands contributed towards this compilation. All with different genres which made this compilation a very interesting mix. Although it titled as Malaysia underground, this did not stop for the label to include a Singaporean band called Ammarah to join in the fun. 

Achtung Riders

Now, as The Pilgrims was the only band on this LP that I am really familiar with, I immediately cued my stylus to the last track on Side A to listen to Achtung Riders. Very refreshing indeed. Its not really the Perfume Garden type of punk rock where Sua Sue Good Morning will make you jump for joy. But its more energetic and heavier than the normal punk rock tune they play. Just listen to the thunderous double pedal throughout the song. The vocal was also clearly presented with a very growly pitch that fits the track nicely. It was not lost in the music mayhem of heavy guitars and drums. It reminded me of Pennywise as I can feel the angst.


Ammarah caught me by surprise as their track was equally superb. The vocal was quite melodic and suits well with the guitar tune. Very impressive lyrics in Malay. Super impressed with how the vocalist pull off this track. Will need to find out more about this band.

It goes the same for the other tracks. Very impressive for a local production. They have improved from the Volume 1 which I already thought was quite good. They must have done quite a lot of work to master/remaster the tracks as it sounded very wholesome with big soundstage but still maintains its rawness. Clarity of vocals, punchy double pedals, roaring guitar leads, shredding rhythm and a hint of bass strings made this LP production one of the better one in the local scene. Seriously, this LP can easily put shame to the recently reissued 'super warped' Ella LP by Warner Music. I guess it pays to remain underground and not controlled by the super capitalist of the local music scene.

Congrats to Vinyl Passion....Beattle Blakk, Shufian and their gang. 

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