Saturday, 25 February 2017

KOGA Is Back With Snygg - A Refinement of d'Bomb

.....and when I thought KOGA was disappearing....the designer sent me two new designs.... The first in review is the KOGA Snygg; with the aspiration to further refine the its predecessor D'Bomb. The second is a mini Class D amp called Mykro-D.


The Snygg came in the usual black casing that KOGA Labs always use for it full size design. Very simplified front fascia with just a power button. As this is the prototype, the labels are still handwritten. Kind of heavy for its sized. I reckon weighs about 5 kg unpacked.

The rear house the connections which are standard RCA inputs to be connected to your choice of pre amp. Also, the amp is equipped with speaker terminals for stereo set up. Standard banana plugs can be used here. The power socket is of standard IEC in which you can use your choice of power cable.

The topography of the amp follows a dual mono design with the following specs.

Output Power : 50Wrms + 50Wrms into 4 or 8Ohms.
Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.02%
Frequency Response : 10hz-100KHz
Input Sensitivity : 1Vrms
Input Impedance : 15KOhm


I connected the Snygg to the following:
  • Musical Fidelity M6i integrated but in a pre amp mode (most of the time)
  • Oppo HA-1 pre amp
  • Source is mainly from SONY HAP Z1 ES Hi Res audio player
  • Siltech Classic Anniversary 330L speaker cable
  • MatYeoX interconnects between the pre amp and Snygg
  • ProAc Response D18
  • DIY bookshelf speaker

  • Lelaki Teragung by Dayang Nurfaizah (DSD)
  • Atlas Rise by Metallica (WAV 16//44.1)
  • Get Lucky by Daft Punk (WAV 16/44.1)


Lelaki Teragung on D18

With vocal like Dayang Nurfaizah, it benefits from the sonic sound the Snygg provides. Even at high pitch, the Snygg sounds energetic with minimal sibilance. I could do with more bass on this track but refine sound is what I believe Snygg is going for. Her vocal sounds deep and I can even feel the vibrato coming through. The rim shots on the snare was also very natural and the guitar riffs sounds melodic. It gives full justification to this track.

Atlas Rise on D18

It can go loud. Really loud. With Metallica's latest masterpiece Atlas Rise, the impact delivered by Snygg is quite remarkable. It belts out metal tunes with such energetic angst and authority. Again, it does not emphasise on any particular frequency, hence its quite natural sounding.  Its definitely not shy when it comes provide sufficient power to create that head banging atmosphere. 

Daft Punk on D18

This is one of Louis Desjardin of Kronos favourite track. With a less 'noisy' music, the Snygg gave me a different perspective of bass. As oppose to KOGA's previous d'Bomb, the Snygg is actually a more refined design where the low end frequency tend to be warmer rather than a hard thumping bass. For track like this, it definitely delievered a more relaxed atmosphere without leaving out the details and clarity of the track. Listen to the guitar works on this track. Very crisp and refined as well.


KOGA keeps reminding me about amp efficiency. I do believe higher wattage provides you with enough head room and better control but that is not all. An efficient amp can provide a similar attribute at a lower wattage. Nevertheless, the Snygg came to me as a more neutral amp. It refines the music with sufficient highs and lows without taking away the wow factor. It has enough energy to pump out metal tracks effectively and at the same time melodic enough for ballads. Another fine product of KOGA, worth a demo for those looking for a budget power amp. 

Next up...KOGA Mykro-D

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