Tuesday, 27 August 2019

EPSON EF-100 3LCD Home Projector Launch Event

Coverage By :  Shaiful Anuar Sulaiman

Epson Malaysia launched a new projector model Epson EF-100 3LCD laser light. It is a compact size unit making this to be the world smallest 3LCD projector. The event was held in White Box, Publika between 3 to 6 pm on Tuesday 27th August 2019.

Epson's market target is for those age 20-39 years old who are interested in tech-digital product and the latest in lifestyle gadget.

Second target is for those who like hassle-free and with easy function from their comfort and need minimal maintenance.

  • EF -100 specification:
  • Liquid crystal shutter system
  • LCD size 0.59 inch 
  • WXGA native resolution
  • Laser light source up to 12,000/20,00
  • Screen Size can up to 150" wide and
  • 111" tele 
  • Standard is 60" screen 1.34-1.81m
  • Brightness is 2000 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio over 2,500,000:1

This projector comes with built in speakers with 5W Monaural. Network connectivity includes wired LAN, wireless and Bluetooth connection to support external speaker. Digital input are HDMI and also USB interface Type A for power supply. Type B for firmware update.

This projector can be used at vertical and horizontal for watching at living room and ceiling from bed.

Quality of picture is vivid, vibrant, natural no matter the room is dark or bright.Clear and bright delivery form laser light is breathtaking.

This EF-100 brings entertainment to next level. It can be accessed from phone ,tablet, BD player and laptop. You can connect to streaming device to enjoy your movies. Gamers  will choose this product because they can enjoy in big screen game play.

Epson EF -100 price is RM3999.00 and is suitable to put at home and became rival with flat screen. It is small, lightweight and compact.

Full of digital connections and up to date with lifestyle item for audio visual enjoyment.

Thank You Epson Malaysia for good, warm and comfort hospitality.

EF - 100 come with 2 model Classy White and Tailored Black

Price is RM3999.00

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