Wednesday, 8 May 2013

RAVE System Post Launch Event: Tombo Audio - My Toys

Opposite the Genesis 2.2jr demo room, lies another smaller set up of Jadis, Wilson Benesch speakers, Genesis Series 7 speakers, Viola, Stello CDT....and the product that I wanted to see/hear about ...the Tombo Audio tweaking items...

Tombo Audio Passive Power Conditioner underneath a Stello CDT100

Tombo Audio Isolation plate

Tombo Audio Cable Elevators/Lifters

Tombo Audio XLR and US Receptacle chargers

Tombo Audio RCA chargers

Tombo Audio Magic Spike

Mr Vattana is as his usual obliging self, explaining the benefit of these products. There are a few members from our local forum asked me the question on the impact of having these items...and also the cost and where to purchase them. To some or many, these items can be just another snake oil.

The main idea of all these items is to tackle the ever famous vibration, resonance etc issues. All the items were already set up so I didnt get the chance to compare the set up between with and without these tweaks. What a what did I do????

I got a few toys for myself ..hehehhe...Got myself 4 pieces of RCA chargers for RM250 and a pair of cable lifters for RM160.

The RCA chargers, I suppose act similar to caps on unused RCA inputs/outputs on your devices. I only tried  using them on a MF M6 CD player (RCA output) and M6 DAC (RCA output).

The cable lifters is made of wood and has a unique design of one steel and one brass ball bearing inside it.

Putting these 2 items into my system, a slight different in the overall detail of presentation was quite evident. I played Song bird by Eva Cassidy, there were percussion sounds that I could not hear before. Very odd. Not sure whether its the RCA chargers or the cable lifters.

Been using them for 5 days now....and I swear every track I play, there were details that I could not hear before. I kid you not. At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me but listening to my system every day..... with different tracks....there is just something in these Tombo Audio product that is giving the really crisp details of music. As if that it took away some restrain from the tracks and just let the track flow.

Tombo Audio is based in Thailand but slowly but surely have started to build its reputation amongst Malaysia Audiophile scene.

RAVE Systems Sdn. Bhd. is kind enough to be their representative in Malaysia. If anyone is interested to try to these items out, you can visit the shop at Loy 1.4, Level 1, PNB Darby Park, No. 10, Jalan Binjai 50450 KL. You can also call Uncle Edwin and Mrs. Agnes Tan  on 03-21632818 or 012-3241745

Also visit or find them on FB.

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