Sunday, 12 May 2013

RAVE Systems Post Launch Event: Frank's Power Bank/Distribution Box

Clean power to hifi is like clean air to human :) Thats me trying to be philosophical heheheh...

My last but not least focus was on the local power hero Frank's power supply equipment.

The power explained by a fellow forumer in, is to imagine the power bank to be a water reservoir. Whenever there are shortage of water supply, the reservoir will top it up. So the power bank basically will supply the enough juice to the hifi system.

Anyhow, these units are making a wave in Malaysia hifi scene. Its like a 'must have' unit along with your precious hifi system. During the launch event, Frank set up a DB and also ground filters with the power bank.  I was informed that the standard power supply from the hotel's wall socket is just insufficient to power up the set up that RAVE have put in the show. 

I cant really comment on how the power bank affects the entirety of the SQ from the hifi set up as I have not listened to the hifi set up without the power bank, but testimonial from Gary Koh himself....and I quote:

'Color me impressed too. Considering that we were in a hotel room at a show, I was quite surprised by the excellent dynamics and quietness the system showed. Definitely the Frank Power Bank played a part.'

I have yet got the opportunity to try the Power Bank in my system, but just looking at the built quality of the unit, I can see that Frank pays attention to details. And speaking to the man himself, I have nothing but utmost respect to this local hero to many Malaysian audiophiles.

I am always intrigued by the clean power supply theory and do believe that it is important. But I have a lot of concern on power surge and how it will damage my set up, hence still using a surge protector as the front guard...namely the PureAV PF50.... Most audiophile will curse me for putting a surge protector in the my hifi set up....but....if this set up is damaged from will take me another few years before I can start up another set up.

I think I better consult Frank for further advice :)

Frank's unit are made to order and from what I hear, customer will have to wait to get their orders made. Not because of poor customer service.....but there are that many orders that Frank is working on.

For more details of Frank's Power Bank and other product, do visit his website
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