Saturday, 1 August 2015

Interconnect Overload: DIY Wonders Part 2

Now that I have established how these 4 interconnects perform for analogue source, I then connected these interconnects to my reference DAC Musical Fidelity M6 DAC to see how they perform for digital source.


For consistency purpose, I played the same track I used to review these ICs in Part 1
  1. Era Gia Tutto Previsto (Andrea Bocelli)
  2. Whiskey In The Jar (Metallica)

Gotham GAC-2 AES ultra pro

While this IC still have the tendency to be heavier on the bass, it sounded smoother than when it was played from a TT. The piano intro sounded more refined and Andrea's vocal was sound more luscious and unrestrained. Bass was more controlled and extensive. At times, it still sounded a bit muddled due to low end spectrum of the track, but it was not as bloated as it was connected to the TT.

The finding was quite similar to the above where Lar's bass pedal sounded very authoritative and leading the track but in a more refined and smooth way. However, James's vocal emerged to be more balanced and blend into the track. Definitely a more enjoyable presentation for a metal track. Kirk's solo was more revealing in a sense that it sounded more involving.

The 'restrain' I experienced when this IC is connected to the TT was slightly changed where the sound stage sounded bigger with minimal loss in detail and refinement.

Gotham GAC-2 AES-EBU

Changing the IC to this model, it sounded even more refined and warm. A very luscious and sweet vocals from Andrea and the music sounded very fluid. It just flow with emotion and energy. It definitely lifted the track to a very enveloping sound.No harshness can be heard when using this IC..

With Metallica, the high spectrum of the music became more apparent. Lars's control on the opening of the hi-hat was very convincing. The guitar also sounded melodious and well blended into the music on the whole. A very balanced, open and refined presentation.

Similar to the TT session, this IC model seems to be the one that delivers the best performance. Every element, musical instrument of this track seems to be well presented with such refinement and detail. Andrea's vocal was very energetic but yet still had a stint of emotion and good vibrations. The sound stage also sounded elevated and more natural.

With metal music, it was a bit more laid back but still had that zest of Adrenalin behind the forceful guitar riffs and drums. James's vocal sounded more involving and blended well with the bassline and drums. No harshness detected. Overall, a very clean and crisp sound.

Micron Acoustic

The Micron Acoustic somehow could only deliver a basic presentation of Andrea's rendition of this track. Not very involving and sounded a bit flat. I didn't experience the different layers of musical instrument It was still an honest presentation where it does not really emphasize any specific spectrum of the music frequency range. Sound staging was more towards airiness and less controlled.

For Whiskey In The Jar, it sounded a bit clinical and safe. Not much energy can be heard with which makes the metal influence sounded a little bit raw and 'undercooked' if I may use culinary terms. Overall, it reveals a very digital based character which may also be what the design suppose to do.


I can't help but to feel that these interconnects sounded better when used with digital source rather than an analogue source. Nevertheless, all of them have their own character that may be able to provide solution to your system depending on what character you are looking for. And the best part of it, it does not cost an arm and a leg.

If anyone is interested to try out these ICs, kindly contact Mizal via Whatsapp on 012-2746548

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