Thursday, 6 August 2015

Turntable Essentials - Stylus Tracking Gauge

I lost my previous stylus tracking gauge when I moved my TT from my man cave upstairs to the living room downstairs. After being prompted to check, I saw the ad on FB by Moses Ceight/Actsessory on this digital gauge.

Order it last Sunday and I received the item on Wednesday. Nicely packed and prompt delivery. Thanks Moses.

 Immediately checked both of my Clearaudio Concept TT and Lenco GL78.  Shoot... My Concept is slight above the recommended weight by Clearaudio while my Lenco is within the range. Maybe this is one of the reason I am enjoying the Lenco more. Have to adjust the Clearaudio tonearm this weekend.

Highly recommended to have one of these gauges to optimize your TT set up.

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