Sunday, 24 April 2016

Acoustic Platform Solutions - Give Your Bookshelves Some Weight

When I visited the APS shop in Amcorp Mall, I first thought it was a business take over of the previous ATS hifi rack shop. However, after a chit chat session with Dino and George, there was more than just it brightly lit shop and array of wooden solutions for your racking needs. Their vision is to offer the local hifi fraternity, products that is fully backed up by high technical standards.

Before setting up the shop, APS collaborated with one of the local university to run tests on various materials including metal, acrylic, wood and composite. Dino, who has a Physics education background, is using the basis of design of reducing resonance and dissipate vibration as quickly as possible from the source. Using CAD and acoustic lab set up, APS have found that rubber wood seems to be the material that shows the best result. Wood, being (or used to be) a living organism, have a random cell arrangement that helps to dissipate vibration faster. APS is also is in partnership with a Danish design company that is based in Bangkok. The prototype was designed and built there. This arrangement will continue to cater for the demand from consumer. According to Dino who is also in charge of international market, there is also a plan for the product to be sold in UK through Richer Sounds and Superfi. Besides the material, APS also looked into various elements such as the number of pillars required, thickness of plinth, optimum angle for rack platform and even optimum number of screws required to assemble the stands.

When they offered me to review the pair of speaker stands, I quickly said yes. Its been a while since I listen to a pair of bookshelves speakers since my last EPOS M12.2. I can now also get to see how much of APS design can deliver its claims with regards to making music sing.

I have tried a few speakers with this stands, mainly SVS Prime Satellite, a full range DIY speakers and Mission MV-2. I settled with the Mission to give the final review.

  • Clearaudio Concept TT
  • Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL
  • Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amp
  • Musical Fidelity M1 CLiC
  • Mission MV-2
  • Vermouth Audio Black Pearl speaker cable 


  • Special arrangement by Alfonso Soliano (LP)
  • Money for Nothing by Dire Straits (LP)
  • Hotel California by The Eagles (hi res 24/192)

First track up was this special arrangement by Alfonso Soliano of a local folklore. The first thing that hit me was how clean the sound was. The wind instrument used on this track, previously can sound a bit thin and harsh on the highs. But this time around, it sounded more full and weightier. Gone was the feeling that it will sound really ear pinching when high notes were played. The APS stands somehow open up the track more by allowing the track to come out sounding weightier. I would not say the stands add a more defined low ends but I guess the stands allow more music to flow through the speakers.

Up next was one of my favourite track from Dire Straits.The drums intro on this track sounded really bold and with quite a good bass texture for a small bookshelf speaker. Each hit of the toms sounded fully embodied with bass coupled with the roaring guitar intro, the overall sound was a natural and it really sings. Somehow, the dissipation of vibration allows more music to come out from the speakers.

The final track was to see how the speaker stands perform with a hi res digital as source. Playing Hotel California at 24/192, the overall presentation was definitely more natural than what I have heard before. The guitar intro, eventhough a bit on a high side, again the speaker stands managed to somehow allow the music sounded livelier with a good exposure to some low end notes and vocal transparency.


Is your bookshelves speakers sounding a bit dull and restraint? Or even too muddled? Set it free with a proper set of speaker stands. Not just any stands. Do try APS stands and experience how your music can be set free. Hear more by reducing those unwanted vibrations. This pair of speaker stands from APS does give a positive impact on sound delivery of your speakers. Music sounds livelier from bookshelf speakers with a good bass texture and natural vocals. It 'cleans' up some of those harsh high notes as well.

For its price, (starting at RM650), it definitely affordable to a lot of people in this hobby. 

If you are interested to give it a try, they are located at Lot 223, 2nd Floor, Amcorp Mall.

Give George (012 2955266) or Greg (011 39300083) a call.

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