Saturday, 2 April 2016

JVC DLA-X Series Projector Launched!

I have always loved the picture quality from JVC projectors eversince I was first introduced to the RS series a few years back. My attempt to install one in 2014 did not fall through due to the design of my hall. Nevertheless, my interest and wish to install one in my home have not diminished completely. So, when Tony and James of AV Designs invited me for this event to launch the new DLA series projector by JVC, I quickly said yes.

It started with a simple Italian lunch, talking about the local economy and the market in general. The usual crowd of Mr. Dick Tan, Willy Low and Lam Seng Fatt were also there and also, the rep from JVC, Mr. Steve.

It was a very informal launch where it started with Tony and James explained some of the features of the new DLA series projectors ranging from the DLA-X5000 to X7000 and to the flagship model X9000. JVC have now introduced an even better specs than the RS series. With the range of brightness between 1700 to 1900 lm, JVC is confident that the visual displayed will have richer of blacks with finer details. This new series is catered for the upcoming 4K UHD medium, compatible with HDMI standard 4K60P and HDCP 2.2. It is also compatible with HDR content and has a contrast ratio up to 1,500,000:1


We were then brought into the first demo room where the X5000 model was installed and equipped with Pioneer AVR and Bryston speakers.


With this entry level model, the detail and black level was already much of improvement compared to the RS 49 or 48 model. Sharper images in dark scenes and even better during a bright scene. The new eShift4 4K technology also helps in bringing more solid visual. And this was just using standard BD. I cant wait when we actually have the official 4K UHD player and BD.

But this was just a taste of what things to come. We were then brought into AV Designs flagship home theatre room where the top model of X9000 was installed. Now, I have always been impressed with this room but this time around, I was totally immersed in the visual displayed from this projector. I was mesmerized more on the visual compared to the full PMC and Bryston  audio system.

With this top model, there is no doubt that it emphasize even more on ensuring that the black level is presented in more depth and detail. 

Now, AV Designs existing customers whom have bought the previous JVC projectors models, PAY ATTENTION!

AV Designs is offering a trade in mechanism for those whom is interested to upgrade to this DLA series. So, if  you are ready to get onto the upcoming 4K UHD bandwagon, please contact James or Tony from AV Designs.

For those who wants to start afresh, the X5000 model will be sold at an RRP of RM 19,999 including GST and the X9000 model will be sold at RRP of RM39,999.

For me.... if I can find a solution to my hall set up, I would buy the X5000 model without even blinking an eye. I cant wait to see the Batman vs Superman 4K UHD BD when it comes out on this projector. 

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