Saturday, 6 June 2015

KLIAV Show 2015 - AV Designs Delicacies & Other Bits

AV Design in Kuala Lumpur have just received quite a few new items from Bryston. Some will be show cased in the upcoming KLIAV show in JW Marriot in July.

I managed to experience some of these items recently in their show room in Bangunan Rohas Perkasa in 2 channel stereo, 5.1 HFPA audio and 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS movie.

1. Bryston Model AC-1 centre
2. Bryston Model A2 front
3. Bryston Model A subwoofer
4. Bryston BHA-1 newly updated headphone amp (now comes with a balanced pre out)

They are also waiting for the following and hopefully it will arrive on time before the KLIAV show:

1. Bryston BDP-2 updated with new firmware to rip directly from CD
2. Bryston new CD ROM to couple with new BDP-2

Demo Session

On stereo, the A2 could go quite low with a heart thumping bass. Quite refine and detail. But given it was driven by an AVR, the essence of music imaging was a bit lacking and the highs are also a bit sharp. If it was paired with a decent stereo amp, I believe it will perform better. Do note that these speakers are fresh from the box.

On 5.1 HFPA, the A2 and AC-1 performed superbly. Very well distribution of various sounds from the sample track. Trumpet was melodic through the centre speaker and the whole experience was very uplifting. Punchy and extended bass with quite a refined mids and highs.

On Dolby ATMOS 7.1.2 duty, the Bryston just keep on smiling delivering a very convincing performance to cater for home theatre duties as well.  Another excellent demo room. 

For the ATMOS set up, AV Designs uses PMC Wafer for the celing speakers and 2 pairs of PMC 21s for rear duties.

Do drop by at their exhibition rooms during the KLIAV show or pop in their KL show room for a demo.

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