Saturday, 20 June 2015

Solution to Long Cable: Wireless Connectivity for Subwoofer

I have been toying with the idea of relocating my SVS subwoofer or adding another subwoofer for over a year now. This was mainly due to the space I have in between the two built in cabinets on each side of my TV and rack. Relocating the sub to the side or rear of my seating position will requires running a long custom made cable from the AVR to the new position. And to do that, it require for some small modification to the existing small rear speaker cable ducting that was made together with the built in cabinets.

To remedy the situation, I purchased a wireless audio transmitter model sublink XR 2.4 GHz by Dayton Audio as recommended by SVS website. Specially imported by Maxx Audio, I have tried setting up a 7.2 system. However, I just could not get a good synchronisation (lagging) for the second sub using this wireless transmitter....... hence I decided to go back to 7.1 system.

Contemplation after contemplation and after over a year, I decided to move my main SVS sub to the side of my seating position, near to the right rear speaker.

After YPAO recalibration, the SVS was providing a similar performance when the sub was positioned at the front of the seating position. Not sure why I could not get a good calibration before. Maybe because I was running two subs.


The wireless transmitter is a neat little device that comes with:

1. One transmitter unit
2. One receiver unit
3. Two mini USB power cable for both units above
4. Two USB power adaptor 110V to 240V (US plug so need an adaptor)
5. Two mono RCA to mini jack
6. Two stereo RCA to mini jack

Setting up is easy. From AVR sub out put, connect the RCA to mini jack cable and connect that to the transmitter. And on the sub, connect the same cable to the input socket. Connect the power supply to both transmitter and receiver and they will pair themself. Both units will emit a blue LED light showing that its connected. Been using it through about 10 movies now withoutany signal lost.

This is indeed a good solution to long cable runs for subwoofer placement in the rear or side of the seating position.

The only issue is that you will require additional power points for the transmitter and receiver units.

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