Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sil Khannaz's Gerbang Kayangan: Another Local LP Gem

Sil Khannaz, a local metal outfit have just released (finally) a 300 pieces limited edition LP of their past album Gerbang Kayangan.

This LP was supposed to be released a couple of months back but due to some pressing issues in Germany, there was a delay in the production.

I actually ppre-ordered a coloured vinyl version but only the black coloured disc arrived first two weeks back. I opted for a black first and it arrived last Monday 8th June.

The LP comes with a mini poster and an inner sleeve with various pictures of the band performing in gigs. The quality of the sleeve is quite basic compared to their previous release LP but still acceptable. In fact, it feels like a recycle material which if its true, then its much better as I do support such effort.

The LP itself is not as heavy as the previous album so I was a bit skeptical about the sound quality. But as soon as I started spinning... voila.. superb sound. Very clear yet full of body on all the tracks. Drums are punchy, vocal has clarity, bass is soulful and the guitars were just sharp and grinding. The LP is slightly warped but did not effect the SQ too much. The production company is willing to do an exchange to a new one. So will be sending it back for exchange soon but before doing that, I am listening to this LP everyday.

Another true masterpiece from Sil Khannaz.... kudos to them on their first Malay metal album.

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