Thursday, 4 June 2015

TDL RTL3SE - Goodbye Note

My purchase of the TDL RTL3SE in 1997 was not a planned one. This speaker have just arrived the Richer Sounds store on London Road in Brighton, UK and on that particular day, I was returning a pair of Gale floorstanders on a 14 days trial. The look of it alone made me fell in love with it. I didn't even audition it. Paid the difference in price of the Gale which totalled up to GBP 450.

My student days was then filled up with music and movies. 

This speaker have been in perfect harmony with the following amplifiers for many years:
  • Marantz PM57
  • Musical Fidelity XA1/XA50
  • Yamaha RXV795RDS
  • Musical Fidelity M6i/M1 PWR

This speaker have also moved from Brighton to Kent to TTDI to Bangi to Valencia over the period of 18 years.

It did suffer a tweeter blow in 2007 and went into hiding till 2014 before it was revived and replaced my ProAc D18 for a good month. Then it did a rear speaker duties in my home theater set up to compliment a pair of PMC 23s front.

But, on 3rd June 2015, after a long thought, I decided to let this speaker go as I feel it was underutilized as a rear speaker. I was lucky enough to find someone who looks like he can and will take care and appreciate this old gem.

So.... farewell TDL RTL3SE... and thanks for all the shoes...

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