Friday, 26 June 2015

Revival of TDL RTL3SE: Part Two

A few moons ago, I did a revival on my beloved TDL RTL3SE speakers by replacing one of its tweeters. Not a very good DIY-er I am, I just wrapped the bare wires to the new tweeter. But now that this speakers have a new owner.... whom has a passion in electronics, did a wonderful job of rewiring and properly soldering the new tweeters. And also replace the other tweeter with a new one which I have given him as part of the sale of the speakers.

So, friends.... if you want some DIY for rewiring of drivers, feast you eyes on these pictures. Don't follow my practice of wrapping bare wires over the terminals heheheh :)

Oh! And watch out.... this wonderful DIY-er has also come up with his own cabling series. Will be receiving a sample for review soon.


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